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Installing Fences

How Long Does Installing Fences Take?

This is a common question we get during a fence quote: “How long does Installing Fences take?” There is no specific answer for this because every fence installation is different. We can provide a time estimate during your quote based on the materials you select, the size of your property, and other factors that will influence the installation. Here are some of the elements that may affect the timing of your fencing.

Fence Removal

If you have a fence on your property that needs to be removed, that is going to add to the installation time. Some fences are easy to remove, and others require extensive work based on the way they were originally installed. If you are planning to do the fence removal yourself, you will need to discuss that with your fence installation company so they can be prepared for that. You will also need to warn your neighbors in advance so they are aware that the fencing will be down temporarily.

Tree Removal

If you have trees along the fence line, those may need to be removed or relocated before the fence installation. Tree removal is a project in and of itself because the trees must be cut/pulled and hauled away. If there is any stump left, the stump will need to be treated to prevent future growth. The tree removal process may be done during the fence removal, or it may be a separate step in the installation.

Property Preparation for Installing Fences

We may need to do some prep work to your land before installing fences. For instance, if you have a drastic drop right by the fence line, we may need to smooth that out so it’s a gradual slope. Once again, we can discuss that during your fence installation quote to give you an idea about timing.

Gathering Materials for Installing Fences

Depending on the type of fencing you get, it may take some time to get the right materials for your fence installation. The materials will be ordered as soon as you agree to the contract, and we can complete the other steps mentioned above while we wait for the materials to arrive. The more specialized your fencing is, the longer it will take to get the materials for it.

Schedule Conflicts

We can usually adjust our schedule for installing fences to meet your needs, but things may come up on your end that will cause delays on ours. A good example of that would be in the event of a large dog next door. If that dog needs to be put up during the installation, we will only be able to come out when the neighbor is available to secure his pet. This may be beyond your control and ours, but it plays into the timing of everything.

The Actual Fence Installation

The fence installation itself usually only takes a day or two to complete. However, if you have a large yard or a complex fence structure, that timeframe may need to be extended. At All Around Fence, LLC, we do our best to complete our fence installations in a timely manner. Give us a call to schedule a free quote, and we will give you an approximate timeframe based on your specific needs. We look forward to working with you.

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