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Neighbors And Privacy Fence

Dealing with Neighbors during Privacy Fence Installation

Your neighbors shouldn’t have much say about what you do on your property, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include them. This is especially true when it comes to elements that run right next to their property line, like a privacy fence. There are some common courtesies to keep in mind before you install your privacy fence. Here are some tips for dealing with the neighbors during privacy fence installation.

Forewarn Them about the Fence Installation

It’s always a good idea to let your neighbors know when a major renovation is taking place. If the fence installers need to park on the street near their house, they will be prepared for that. If they have pets that normally stay in the yard, they can put their pets up during the fence installation. If you let them know what’s happening and when, they can help you make the process go as smooth as possible.

Talk to Them about Changes That May Affect Their Property

If there is a tree or something similar on your property line, it may need to be removed for the privacy fence installation. This is something you will need to tell your neighbor about because it will impact their yard as well. If your neighbor has an issue with tree removal or anything else, talk to your fence installers about how to work around their requests. They may talk with your neighbors directly to resolve the matter.

Offer to Split the Cost of the Adjoining Fence

Some neighbors will install their fences at the same time you do because they can get a discounted rate from the fence installation company. If your neighbors want to do that, you could talk about splitting the cost of your adjoining fence. This will save you money and it will encourage them to get their fence up as well. The more protected you are as a neighborhood, the better you all will be.

Discuss Replacing the Existing Fence

If you already have a privacy fence running between your properties, you will need to talk to your neighbor before you get a new one. Even if they are not willing to cover the costs, they will need to know that you are tearing the fence down at some point in time. You don’t want to run into an issue where your neighbor feels like their privacy is being violated. Show them respect and hopefully, they will show the same to you in return.

Uphold the Terms of Your HOA Agreement

Some homeowner’s associations have guidelines about fence installation. These may include a requirement to tell your neighbor before you get a new fence. If you ignore this guideline, you could face fines or other repercussions from the HOA. It’s best just to talk to the neighbor ahead of time so you stay on everyone’s good side.

Inquire about Your Neighbor’s Fence

If you see your neighbor getting a quote for fence installation, you may ask them if they are getting a fence in the near future. Open the flow of conversation from the start so there is no confusion. This will be a great time to save money on fence installation, so keep that in mind if the opportunity arises.

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