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Vinyl Fencing Questions

Vinyl Fencing Questions

Vinyl Fencing Questions

Vinyl fencing is one of the best fencing materials available. It is durable, weather-resistant, easy to maintain, and stunning to look at. It is slightly more expensive than other fence posts, but it pays for itself in longevity and stability. We wanted to answer some vinyl fencing questions to help you decide if a vinyl fence is right for you.

Is Vinyl Fencing Easy to Care for?

Vinyl fencing requires very little maintenance. Unlike wood fencing that must be stained every few years, vinyl fencing maintains its color and shine year after year. The most you will have to do with a vinyl fence is wash it off when it gets dirty. Sometimes you can use a simple garden hose to take care of it, and other times you may need to scrub it with soapy water. For stubborn stains, you can use baking soda or steel wool.

Does Vinyl Fencing Do Well in the Winter?

The winter is tough on most fencing materials. Vinyl fencing will become less flexible during the cold months, but that will not matter unless something hits it (a vehicle, a fallen tree branch, etc.). A good vinyl fence will not crack or break during the winter under normal circumstances.

How Does Vinyl Do with Sun Fading?

If your yard receives a large amount of direct sunlight, vinyl fencing is a great solution for you. Wood and other fencing materials will fade or change color with the sun. Vinyl may do this after years of exposure, but the change will be minimal. Overall, vinyl fences stay looking great much longer than their alternatives.

Can Vinyl Fencing Catch Fire?

Vinyl fencing is considered to be self-extinguishing because it has a very high burning temperature. Vinyl does not ignite easily, and it requires a flame of 900 degrees Fahrenheit to catch fire. If you’re worried about bonfires, fire pits or other elements in your yard, you will be fine with a vinyl fence.

How Long Will Vinyl Fencing Last?

A good vinyl fence has the potential to last a lifetime, depending on how it is installed and maintained. This is why it is worth the extra cost upfront. Even though you may spend more than you would on a wood fence, you won’t have to worry about a new fence in 10 years. The warranty and life guarantee varies for each vinyl fencing company, but we can go over that during your quote.

What Colors Are Available for Vinyl Fencing?

Vinyl fencing is available in just about any color you can think of. Because it is manufactured and not naturally available, vinyl can be colored to suit your needs. However, the most common vinyl fence colors are brown, black and white because those tones are neutral enough to work with most home exteriors. If you have a creative idea for your vinyl fence, let us know and we can see what’s available for you.

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