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Fence Storm Damage

What to Do after Fence Storm Damage

Did a recent storm blow down your fence? Perhaps a nearby tree fell over, breaking through your otherwise sturdy fence. The best thing to do after fence storm damage is to act quickly. This reduces the risk of future damage and protects the remainder of your fencing. Read on to learn what to do after fence storm damage.

Examine the Extent of the Fence Storm Damage

When the storm is over, take a look at the damage in person. Note any safety risks on the property, and evaluate the extent of the damage. It may not be as bad as it looks from afar. You may not be able to see the full issue because of debris in your way, but you can at least make a game plan for repair.

Make Minor Repairs or Set up a Temporary Barrier

If the fence damage is minor, you may be able to take care of it on your own. For instance, if the storm blew a few fence posts off, you could screw them back in place yourself. Carefully remove any fallen tree limbs from the property, and do what you can to fix the fence. You can still get a fence inspection to check for damage, but this will secure the fence until that happens.

If the fence needs more than a minor repair, you may want to set up a temporary barrier on your property. If not, make sure to take your dog out on a leash to use the restroom, and do not let your children play outside unsupervised. Be mindful of the debris in the yard.

Get a Professional Fence Inspection and Repair Quote

Contact a fence repair company right away to assess your fence storm damage. They will let you know if the fence is salvageable or if a part of the fence needs to be replaced. All Around Fence provides no-obligation fence inspections, along with affordable fence repair services. Contact us at (443) 838-9374 to schedule a quote.

Complete Fence Repairs as Quickly as Possible

Fast action is the key to minimizing fence repair costs. The sooner you can get your fence repaired after storm damage, the better. You don’t want another storm to do more damage to your already-weakened fencing. Not only will this protect your fencing, but it will secure your property and your family.

Do I Need a Completely New Fence after Storm Damage?

Depending on the nature of the storm damage, you may need more than a simple fence repair. The age and condition of your fence prior to the storm will also impact the extent of the repair. We will examine all of this during our inspection to provide a fair, honest evaluation of the damage. If a new fence is the best option for you, we can go over fence materials to help you select the right fence for your home.

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