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Fence Gates

Metal Fence Gates vs. Wood Fence Gates

When it comes to fence design, one often-forgotten component is the fence gate. You can have your gate blend seamlessly with your fence, or you can take a more decorative route. In this guide, we’ll compare metal fence gates and wood fence gates to help you made the best decision.

Wood Gates Create More Privacy

If you want a gate with total privacy, wood is the way to go. A metal gate is going to have some visibility into your back yard by nature of design. Wood can be laid side-by-side to create maximum privacy.

Metal Fence Gates Can Be Decorative and Ornate

If you’re looking for an ornate gate, metal has more design flexibility. You can choose a sleek, modern gate or an elaborate, ornate gate. The possibilities are endless. You can achieve some decorative elements with wood, but not to the extent of metal.

Wood Gates Blend in with Fencing

One of the best features of a wood fence gate is that it blends in with the fencing. If you want your gate to be camouflaged in your fencing, a wood gate is a great option. Of course, if you have a metal fence, a matching metal gate would blend in well. If you have a wooden fence though, a metal fence will be a noticeable element.

Metal Gates Offer Contrast with Wood Fencing

The noticeability of a metal gate may work in your favor. If you want a design contrast for your wood fencing, a metal gate is a great fit. Think about how visible your gate will be from the front of your home. If you aren’t going to see the gate much, you may simply go with the most functional option. If it is going to be front-and-center, you could make it a show-stopper.

Wood Fence Gates Are Typically More Secure Than Metal

Metal is sturdy, but the gaps in the railing may make for easy foot holes for potential intruders. As we mentioned above, wood gates are ideal for privacy, and they are harder to climb. Depending on where you live, this extra layer of security may make all the difference.

Metal Gates Require Less Maintenance over Time

As wood ages, it needs to be stained and sealed to protect it from the elements. Wood fencing is subject to fading and greying. Metal fence gates are coated to be rust resistant, and they require almost no maintenance. Of course, you can get your gate stained at the same time you get your fence stained. Just be aware of the overall durability each material offers.

Our Fence Installers Can Help You Choose the Right Gate Design for Your Fence

Still struggling to decide which fence gate is right for you? Our fence company in Maryland is here to help. We are proud to serve the Baltimore Metro area, and we offer a full range of fence installation services. Contact All Around Fence at (443) 838-9374 to schedule a consultation.

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