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Staining Wood Fence

What Does Staining Wood Fence Do?

What are the benefits of staining wood fence, and how often should I stain my fence? These are some questions we get after people have had their wood fences for a few years. Staining is an essential part of wood fence maintenance, and thankfully, it does not cost much to do. What little money you spend will be made up for in the extra years you get with your fencing.

Here is a look at the benefits of wood staining for fences so you can preserve the integrity of your fencing.

Staining Wood Fence Blocks out Moisture

It’s no secret that wood is susceptible to moisture damage. After a few years, whatever sealant you have on your wood fencing will wear away and expose the actual wood to rain, snow, and other forms of precipitation. A wood fence stain acts as a sealant on the wood to block out moisture and prevent future damage. This adds years to your fencing, and it keeps your yard nice and secure.

Enhance the Wood Grain

Staining wood fence will accentuate the grain of your wood. All the special colors, patterns and textures will look like new or even better than new after you stain your fencing. If you want to change the overall color of the fence, this is the perfect opportunity to do that. We see a lot of homeowners do this after they change other exterior features so their house can look as cohesive as possible – like staining your fence to match the color of your shutters. You can personalize your fencing to match your aesthetic, all while protecting its beauty.

Protect against UV Rays

Direct sunlight can be just as damaging as rain on fencing. As long as you purchase an exterior wood stain with UV inhibitors, you can shield your fencing from sunlight. The most common issue with sunlight on fencing is bleaching, which can make your rich, dark wood look light and dull. Staining will help you avoid all that.

Keep Insects Away

Insects will wear down your fencing from the inside out. You may not notice the damage until it is too late. For instance, you may go to wash your fencing only to find one of your posts withering away under the pressure of the water. This is because the insects have eaten through the interior of the posts. If you have a good stain on the fencing, you won’t have to worry about this at all.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

If you stain your fencing every 2-3 years, you will have very little maintenance to worry about. Fences that are not stained regularly often have to be repaired or replaced because the boards warp and get damaged. With the protection of a stain though, that’s not an issue. There will still come a time when you need to replace your fencing, but that will be long in the future.

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