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Rental Property Fence

Rental Property Fence Installation Tips

Landlords must approach every property improvement from a unique perspective. They are not making decisions for their own homes but rather a home they plan to earn money from. Will I get a return on my investment? Will my renters use or appreciate the improvement I make? Here are some fence installation tips for landlords to help determine what to do on your rental property fence installaion.

Are Fences a Good Investment for Rental Properties?

For the most part, installing a fence on a rental property is a good investment. Most renters are willing to pay more for a house with a fence – especially long-term renters. If you can get a family in the house that will stay there for years at a time, you will save the hassle of having to re-rent the home every year. This adds up to extra money on your pocket. It may take a year or two to recoup the money you put into the fence (assuming you have a mortgage on the house), but everything after that is pure profit.

What Is The Best type of a Rental Property fence?

There are many types of fencing materials, and any one of them could be a good fit for your rental property. If the property is in a low-income area, you may not want to invest in a high-end vinyl fence. However, you wouldn’t want to put a chain link fence in a nice neighborhood because the house will look out of place.

If you just need an enclosure for dogs or children, a simple chain link fence is sufficient. If you want a privacy fence, wood or vinyl would be great. Due to the large assortment of fencing materials on the market, it’s best to get a free quote from a fence installation company near you. Contact All Around Fence, LLC to schedule a complimentary consultation, and we will help you find the perfect fence for your rental property.

Think about Maintenance

Most fences have some sort of maintenance requirements, so you need to keep that in mind when selecting a rental property fence. For instance, a wood fence will need to be stained every few years to maintain the richness and structural integrity of the wood. Vinyl fences only need to be washed off every once and a while, but they do cost more upfront. Chain link fences do not require much maintenance, but they can be damaged by large dogs, tree roots, etc. Once again, the team at All Around Fence, LLC can help you determine which fence will be the easiest to maintain on your property.

Save Money by Fencing Multiple Yards

If you own several houses right next to each other, you could save money by installing all the fence work at the same time. Even if you just own two adjacent houses, you’ll be better off fencing them both at once. If all of your homes are in different areas, you could talk to the neighbors for each home about the fence installation. They may decide to get a new fence for their property and split the cost of the fence that runs between your yards.

Getting a fence is a great investment for landlords and property owners as long as it is the right fence for the property. Consider the information above when selecting a fence for your rental home, and you will see a great boost in profits over time.

All Around Fence serves the Maryland region with top quality fence installation and fencing products.

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