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Pool Fencing

Special Design Considerations for Pool Fencing

Swimming pool fencing is a necessary security feature for pool owners. It provides an effective barrier to keep out children and pets when the pool is unattended. Whether you’re getting a new pool fence or upgrading your existing one, there are some special considerations you need to take in the design process. Here are some factors that may affect your pool fence design.

Complement the Decking

If you have a deck in your yard, your pool fencing should complement it. It does not need to be made from the same material, but it should be a material that looks cohesive with the decking. This is especially true if the deck is right next to the pool. Pairing the two will make your outdoor entertainment space look cohesive, and it will make your decking look newer as a result.

Note that your pool fencing could be extended around your deck. This creates a defined zone for entertaining and relaxation. If you would like a quote for deck fencing or pool fencing, contact All Around Fence, LLC.

Complement the Privacy Fence

If you have a privacy fence, your pool fence design should also complement that. For instance, if you have a beige vinyl fence around your yard, you may not want a different-colored vinyl fence around your pool. Your pool fence will naturally look a little different than your privacy fence because there will be space between the pickets for visibility. Nevertheless, the core materials should work well with one another.

Comply with Local Pool Fencing Regulations

Every city, state, and county has its own rules regarding swimming pool fencing. Your pool fence design must abide by these regulations to keep your home up to code. Here at All Around Fence, LLC, we maintain up-to-date knowledge of the latest pool fencing codes. Most pool fences in Maryland must be at least 4 feet tall, but there are other small compliances you will also need to meet. We will advise you accordingly during the design process.


Choose a Pool Fence Design That Fits Your Home

If you have a traditional home with equally traditional fencing, you wouldn’t want a modern pool fence design. All of these elements should work with one another so the pool fencing doesn’t look like an afterthought. As another example, you wouldn’t want an ornate pool fence if your home had crisp, clean lines on the façade. We will take all of this into consideration during your pool fence design to come up with the best plan for you.

To learn more about pool fencing or to schedule a free consultation, call All Around Fence, LLC at (443) 838-9374.

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