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Privacy Fence Gate

How to Plan Your Privacy Fence Gate

Privacy fences are equipped with at least one gate to allow access to the yard. There may be a gate at the front of the property and the back of the property, depending on where access is needed. While planning a gate may not seem like a big step, it is an important of residential fence design. Here are some tips for how to plan a privacy fence gate so you can choose the perfect setup for your property.

Think of Function First

Before you can plan the design of your privacy fence gate, you need to think of how it will function. Answer the following questions:

  • What is the most likely path you would take to get from the front of the property to the back of the property? (The gate should be along that path)
  • How much space is available for a privacy fence gate?
  • Can you get an oversized gate big enough for a vehicle, or should you stick with a smaller gate?
  • Where is the best place for the gate on the property?
  • Does there need to be a gate near the alley way for city workers or lawn maintenance?
  • Will the gate be blocked by any existing plants?
  • Where should the fence (and therefore the gate) start along the side of the home?

If you already have a privacy fence, you could use the current gate placement as an easy reference. With that in mind, you could change the gate position if the existing placement does not suit your needs. Talk to your fence installers about these issues during your consultation, and we will come up with the best plan for your property and your lifestyle.

Reduce Security Risks as Much as Possible

You should always lock your privacy fence gate, but there are still security concerns you should keep in mind. For instance, if one side of your property faces a school and the other side does not, you may want to locate the privacy fence gate on the side that does not face the school. This will make it less tempting for children passing by to tamper with it. If your house is on a hill, you will need to orient it so someone could not easily jump over it from the adjacent property. We can discuss all of these factors with you during your privacy fence installation quote.

Get Creative with the Design

Once you know the form and function of the privacy fence gate, you can play around with the design of it. You could make the gate blend seamlessly with your fencing, or you could choose to make it a decorative feature. Many homeowners will choose decorative privacy fence gates to enhance their curb appeal. This is especially true in large yards where the fencing represents a big portion of the front view. The possibilities are endless, so you can have fun designing a privacy fence gate that perfectly complements your home. The fence installers here at All Around Fence, LLC will be here to help you every step of the way.

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