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School Yard Fence

Planning for a School Yard Fence

Whether you’re installing a new school yard fence or updating your existing one, there are some special considerations you need to keep in mind. School fencing is a unique subset of commercial fencing because it involves children. Security, safety and visibility are top priorities, in addition to the general concerns that come with commercial fencing. Here are some tips for planning a school yard fence so you can secure your property.

Determine the Purpose of the School Yard Fence

Before you can choose the materials or layout for your school yard fence, you need to determine what purpose you want it to serve. Fences can play many roles on the school yard, such as:

  • Defining different zones in the playground or on the property.
  • Blocking areas of the school yard that children should not access.
  • Creating a border around the property.
  • Creating a barrier between the children and people/pets passing by.
  • Providing a security fence in areas where children are likely to play.
  • Restricting entry and exit points to better monitor who enters/exits the school yard.
  • Creating safe, convenient paths for students to follow when arriving/leaving school.
  • Improving the overall look of the property

Think about what you want your fence to do. If the fence needs to address multiple issues, those will all need to be considered during the planning process. One of our commercial fencing experts at All Around Fence, LLC can assist you in designing the perfect school fencing. They will take into account all of the tasks you need your fence to perform, and they will provide the best option for your property as a whole.

Do You Need a Fence for Noise Control?

If your school is located near a busy street or a busy business, you may need a barrier fence for noise control. This can be separate from your school yard fence, and its sole purpose is to keep outside noise from getting into the classrooms/playground. Sound barrier fences can be made to look utilitarian, or they can be decorative. If this is something you need on your property, make sure you mention that to the fence installers.

Privacy vs. Surveillance

When planning a school yard fence, it’s important to weigh out privacy vs. surveillance. You want the fence to be private enough that passers by cannot watch the children play, but you also want visibility so school workers can monitor children when they’re outside. If you need to zone different areas of the playground, you may use thin posts like you would see in on a pool fence. That allows visibility between each of the zones. Then you can put a privacy fence around the outside of the property that blocks the view from outside. With the right balance, you can protect the students and still provide a pleasant outdoor setting for them.

School Fence Durability and Maintenance

Ideally, the school yard fence should be easy to maintain. Vinyl fencing is easy to wash off and lasts much longer than wood fencing. Chain link fencing is more affordable than other metal fence materials, but it is easy to climb and vandalize. You may be better off with a wrought iron fence or something similar if you want durability and minimal cleaning. Compare your options carefully, and always be mindful of the staff and students’ needs. This will help you plan the fence for your school yard.

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