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Dream Fence

How To Build Your Dream Fence

With winter hanging on stubbornly into March and April in many places, we are dreaming of summer days, and the warmth to enjoy our outdoor spaces. If you’re dreaming of adding some fencing this spring or summer, you may be finding the options overwhelming. Let’s take a quick look at the variety of choices that you’ll need to make to decide on the perfect dream fence, and some of the criteria that can help you choose what’s best for you!

Fence Function

Why do you want to put in a fence? Do you want to define a property line, or provide more privacy for your backyard? Perhaps you simply want to let your children or pets run free in the yard without worrying about them getting onto the street. Knowing what you want from your fence can help you decide on the best style and material.

Defining a property line

If you want to define a property line, you can use fencing that is less opaque or secure than a privacy or containment fence. Split rail fencing is a simple, classic look for outlining large areas of property. Picket fences are a charming choice for front yards that provide a little bit more containment value than split rail. If you’re only looking to outline a small area, decorative cast iron fencing provides durability and a high impact aesthetic.


Your fencing needs for security depend on whether you want to keep unauthorized individuals out of your space, or need to keep children and pets contained inside. Fences to keep bad actors off of your property are likely to be much sturdier, taller, and more expensive. Containing small children or animals, on the other hand, can be done with less expensive chain link fencing.


Privacy fences are usually built of fence posts spaced so closely together that people outside cannot see through them. Having privacy fences can make it easier to use the backyards of suburban houses as extended living spaces, and generally provide a sense of calm and quiet.

Dream Fence Materials

The basic choices for fence materials are wood, vinyl, and metal. Within these three categories, however, there are many different varieties and possibilities.


While vinyl fencing is more expensive than basic wood fencing to begin with, the investment is likely to pay off with years of nearly-maintenance-free fencing. On the other hand, wood needs to be stained regularly, most vinyl fencing will only require basic cleaning across its lifetime. Vinyl comes in a wide variety of colors styles, making it a versatile and creative fencing choice.


Wood has a classic, warm, natural appeal that leads many people to prefer it to vinyl. In addition, it is often less expensive upfront than vinyl. Choosing high quality materials, opting for professional installation, and being prepared for routine maintenance can help lay a strong foundation for a long-lasting wood fence.


Metal fencing covers a wide range of fence types. While metal fences are generally sturdy and low maintenance, they are more difficult to install properly, and a bigger investment upfront. If you’re choosing a metal fence, it’s important to use a reputable fencing company who can make sure that you get the best materials for your price, and that the fence is installed properly to minimize the risk of rust and corrosion.

Making the most of your dream fence

Once you know what you want your fence to do, and have chosen a material that suits your purposes, aesthetic, and budget, you’re ready to have a fence installed that you will enjoy for years. Contact us at All Around Fencing, LLC for a free estimate! And if you aren’t sure what you want yet, we can help you think through your options to choose the best fence for your property.

All Around Fence serves the Maryland region with top quality fence installation and fencing products.

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