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Spindle Top Fence

Spindle Top Fence Design: A Unique Approach to Privacy

Want your privacy fence to look special and unique? A spindle top fence design might be the perfect trick. This decorative approach to privacy fencing works with a wide range of aesthetics, and it can be customized to suit your specific style. Let’s explore spindle top fences a little further to determine if this design is right for you.

What Is a Spindle Top Fence?

A spindle top fence has a decorative border at the top that looks like stair railing. The spindles come in many shapes, colors and styles. Think of this as a modern-day alternative to lattice at the top of fencing. That design is still popular, but many homeowners are shifting to a different look.

Types of Spindle Top Fence Designs

The design of the spindle changes the overall appearance of the fencing. Thus it is important to select a design that fits your goals and aesthetic. Some common types of spindles include:

  • Accent spindles in a contrasting color
  • Decorative spindles with ornate detailing
  • Flat spindles that are the same depth as the fencing
  • Thin spindles made of a different material
  • Matching spindles that are the same color and material as the fencing (wood, vinyl, etc.)
  • …and many other spindle styles

The most popular spindle top fences we install have matching spindles or high-contrast spindles, such as black spindles on a white vinyl fence. Nevertheless, you can explore a range of options when you decide to plan your new fence.

Do the Spindles Help or Hurt Privacy?

Because there are spaces in between the spindles, this fence design may impact privacy in your yard. It all depends on how high you want the fence to be. If the bottom portion is six feet tall, it will provide the same privacy as standard fencing materials. The spindles will sit above that six-foot margin. If you have a shorter fence, the spindles may rest at or below eye-level. We can help you determine the ideal fence height during your consultation.

How to Design a Spindle Top Fence

If you like the look of a spindle top fence, you need to decide what color and style you want it to be. Do you want a wood fence or a vinyl fence? Do you want the spindles to be simple or ornate? Would you like contrasting spindles or a top border that’s the same color as the rest of the fence? We’ll discuss all of these options during your consultation to create a custom spindle top fence design.

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