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Split Rail Fencing

What Is Split Rail Fencing?

If you have a large property line you want to define, split rail fencing is an ideal choice. This simple but elegant fence style is popular for farms, parks, businesses, and homes on large acre lots. Split rail fencing is affordable, durable, and beautiful to look at. Let’s take a closer look this fence design to see if it is right for you.

What Is Split Rail Fencing?

Split rail fencing is a low-profile fence that consists of three to four rows of horizontal fence posts. These posts are supported by vertical beams every few feet. Split rail fences are typically made from wood or vinyl. Wood is a more affordable option, but vinyl lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

The horizontal posts for split rail fences are spaced approximately one foot from each other, so passers by can still view most of the property. Thus split rail fencing is not ideal for privacy or security, but it can be used to keep large livestock on the property.

Common Uses for Split Rail Fencing

Split rail fencing is most often used for:

  • Defining a long property line
  • Containing livestock on the property (see “Adding Extra Security” below)
  • Adding rustic charm to a property for enhanced curb appeal
  • Defining an area of the property, like a garden or petting zoo
  • Providing a place to post signs and decorations around the property
  • Separating two large areas of land

While uncommon, split rail fencing can be used on small land plots to add charm to a front yard. More common options include picket fencing and wrought iron fencing. We offer these and a variety of other options here at All Around Fence, LLC.

Is Split Rail Fencing Good for Privacy?

No, split rail fencing is not good for privacy. While it does provide a defined, it does not provide the coverage of a traditional privacy fence. Split rail fencing is also not ideal for security because the horizontal posts are so far apart. If you would like a privacy fence or security fence for your property, contact us for a free quote. We can also do a mixture of fence types, with split rail fencing around the property line and privacy fencing closer to your home. Your fence installer will go over those options with you so you can select the best plan for your needs.

Adding Extra Security for Small Animals

Smaller animals can fit through the gaps between the horizontal slats. If you have smaller animals, like dogs or chickens, that you want to keep contained on the property, we can install wire mesh in the appropriate areas. This will keep the animals inside without distracting from the charm and visual appeal of a split rail fence.

The best way to find out if this type of fencing is right for you is to have a consultation with a fence installation specialist. Contact All Around Fence, LLC at (443) 838-9374 to schedule a free quote from our fence installation company. We work with homes and businesses in Greater Baltimore, MD, including Howard County, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, and Harford County. We look forward to working with you!

All Around Fence serves the Maryland region with top quality fence installation and fencing products.

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