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Fence Gate Open

Why Does My Fence Gate Keep Opening?

Do your dogs get out of the yard a lot? Are you worried about the security of your yard? The gate on your fence is the main entry and exit point. If it is not properly secured, the fence isn’t doing its job. Let’s review some common reasons why your fence gate stays open, along with ways to fortify your fencing.

The Gate Latch Isn’t Fully Latching

Most faulty gates are the result of a faulty latch. The latch is responsible for keeping the gate attached to the rest of the fence. If it cannot do this properly, the gate is likely to open on its own or by slight force.

Here are some common reasons gate latches do not work:

  • The gate or fence has shifted, thereby changing the latch alignment
  • The fencing has shrunk so the latch no longer reaches securely
  • The gripping component on the latch does not “bite down” the way it is supposed to
  • The latch is old and worn
  • You do not have the right type of latch for your fencing needs

In any of those situations, the solution is usually to adjust the latch or replace it. Look at the mechanism itself to determine which part isn’t doing what it needs to do. Then make the appropriate repairs. This is a project many homeowners can complete without extensive tools/knowledge.

Your Fence Gate Isn’t Locked

Some gate latches come with built-in locks, but that is not always the case. If you have a non-locking latch, it’s time to invest in a fence lock. This could be a standard padlock, a carabiner, a sliding bolt, or any number of options.

The goal here is to lock the gate so that a person from the outside cannot easily break in. A keyed lock is ideal, but other options may work temporarily. Any lock is better than nothing, and it should prevent tampering in the future.

The Gate Needs to Be Adjusted or Replaced

If your fence has shifted, the gate may not be the right size or shape anymore. This is also true if your fence has undergone storm damage or physical adjustments. In those cases, you may need to get a new fence gate or have your gate altered. This is a more extensive project than adjusting the latch, but it may be the only way to stop your gate from moving.

Is It Time for a New Fence?

Gate problems may be a sign to replace your fence. If it’s old and full of former repairs, new repairs won’t last long. You can upgrade to a custom fence that’s fully secured and tailored to your needs.

All Around Fence offers comprehensive fence installation. This includes removing your old fence and installing a brand new fence. We work with vinyl fencing, wood fencing, chain link fences, privacy fences, aluminum fences, and much more. Reach out to All Around Fence at (443) 838-9374 to schedule a fence replacement estimate.

All Around Fence serves the Maryland region with top quality fence installation and fencing products.

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