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Christmas Lights On Fence

How to Hang Christmas Lights on Fence

Holiday decorating is about to be in full swing. Your fence is a great canvas for Christmas lights, but it’s important to use the right installation techniques. Wind and rain can quickly turn your beautiful masterpiece into a hot mess. Check out these tips for how you hang Christmas lights on fence.

Option 1: Use Fence Clips to Hang Christmas Lights on Fence

There are specialty clips on the market designed specifically for hanging lights on a fence. The fence clips come in different styles based on the types of lighting you’re using and the type of fencing you have. These can get pricey, depending on how much fencing you want to cover. If you plan to install lights year after year, this is a good investment. If this is a one-time task, you may be better off with a cheaper option.

Option 2: Secure the Light Strands with Large Binder Clips

Large binder clips are perfect for securing lights to the top of fence posts. The clips are strong enough to stay in place even during a heavy windstorm, and they’re extremely affordable.

You won’t be able to notice the clips at night, but they might be visible during the day. You’ll have to decide if that bothers you. We recommend getting a clip for every five to six feet of fencing, so adjust your purchases accordingly.

Binder clips will not work well for lights on the vertical portions of the fence or along the horizontal rails. This is only an option for the top part of your fence pickets, assuming you do not have a fence cap or thick board across the top.

Option 3: Staple or Cable Ties to Lock the Lights in Place

Staples and cable ties can secure light strands to a fence. This comes with a few catches though, so proceed with caution.

Staples may it easy to hang the lights quickly, but you’ll pay for that convenience when you go to take them down. The staples will also leave holes in your fence. A few small holes isn’t going to hurt much, but a ton of holes could lead to issues later on. As the wood wears down, those divots will become weak points in the fencing. The alternative options above will do less damage to the fence in the long run.

Also keep in mind that it’s easy to accidentally puncture the wiring when you use this method. You may ruin an entire strand of lights in an effort to speed up your install. If you’re going to use this approach, take your time and ensure the staple is fully around your light strands.

Option 4: Install Adjustable Outdoor Lighting You Can Use All Year Long

You could get some remote-controlled LED lights that change colors. Install those on your fencing, and you can use them throughout the year. Make them white during most months and change them to holiday colors in the winter. You could also make them red, white, and blue for July 4th or orange during the fall. The lights will cost a bit upfront, but you don’t have to reinstall them every year.

No matter how you hang lights on your fencing, make sure they are well secured from wind. Pull them around a bit to check if they stay in place, and keep track of where the plug needs to end up. All it takes is a few extra precautions to protect your fencing and your lighting.

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