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White Fences

Pros and Cons of White Fences

The “white picket fence” is a classic home enhancement that has been around for decades. White fences were once the staple in outdoor design, but trends have shifted away from white over the years. Nevertheless, this is a timeless color choice that works well for a variety of aesthetics. If you’re thinking about getting a white fence, check out these pros and cons.

Pro: A Crisp Neutral Color That Complements Any Style

White is the ultimate neutral. It looks great with any color, and it can add a pop of brightness to your property. It doesn’t matter if you have a traditional home or something ultra-contemporary. White is going to look good with your home.

Con: May Look Dirty without Proper Maintenance

White shows dirt more than stained wood or muted neutrals, like beige or soft grey. If you live in an area with persistent rainstorms, the white fencing may look dirty more often than not. You can obviously clean it to eliminate this issue, but that adds to your fence maintenance.

If you want a fence you don’t need to clean often, stick with stained wood or a soft neutral color for vinyl. White and black fences are more prone to look dirty, much like white and black vehicles.

Pro: Appealing to a Wide Range of Buyers

Because white is a classic neutral, it can appeal to a large buying pool. If you plan to sell your house in the future, this color is a safe choice. Look around the neighborhood to see what types of fencing comparable properties have. This could inspire your color selection and give you an idea of what buyers are expecting.

Con: Can Create a Hot Environment in the Summer

White is reflective, so the UV rays on a hot day are going to bounce into the yard. This is the same reason why you may get sunburned when it snows. The snow reflects the UV rays and hits your skin. If you have decent tree coverage near the fencing, this may not be a problem. It is something to keep in mind for hot climates though.

Pro: A Beautiful Backdrop for Accent Landscaping

Landscape designs look great against a white backdrop. If you have a passion for gardening and want to show off your plants, white fencing could be an excellent choice. This is also true for front yard fencing. The white around the perimeter immediately grabs the eye, and then the gorgeous landscaping carries the eye around the property.

Con: UV Reflection Is Not Ideal for All Plants

Not all plants thrive around white fencing because of its sun reflection. If you have plants that cannot handle direct heat well, this may not be a good choice for you. This is also why white landscaping rock is frowned upon for many plants. It creates a hot environment that isn’t suitable for all plant materials.

Would a White Fence Be Good on Your Property?

Now that you know the pros and cons of white fences, you can decide if a white fence would be a good fit for you. This decision may also come down to the material you want for your fencing. White vinyl fencing looks great and can stand the test of time, but painted wood fencing doesn’t fair as well. If you want a wood fence, you’re better off staining it or sealing the natural color of the fencing.

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