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Chain Link Fence

How to Secure the Bottom of a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences act as a secure yard perimeter, but they have a common weak point. The bottom of a chain link fence may be susceptible to dogs, rabbits, cats, and other critters in the neighborhood. To combat this issue, you can secure the bottom of a chain link fence with some of the options below.

Install a Bottom Rail

The most obvious solution for securing a chain link fence is to install a bottom rail, just like you have on the top of the fence. This does not work for all circumstances though. If the fence sits on a steep slope, it may be trick to attach a bottom railing. The bottom rail may also leave a small gap near the bottom, depending on how its attached. We can evaluate your options during your chain link fence quote to determine if a bottom rail will work for you.

Use a Tension Wire to Fortify the Bottom of the Fence

A tension wire can prevent animals from pulling up the chain link fencing at the bottom. This can be installed during the chain link fence construction, or it can be retrofitted after the fact. The wires are secured to the posts, but they are not woven into the chain link fabric. Think of this as a thin bar behind the chain link that offers just enough support to keep animals at bay.

Add Chain Link Fence Stakes to the Bottom

Another way to secure the bottom of a chain link fence is to add stakes. There are many styles of chain link stakes, but they all operate the same. The stakes wrap around part of the chain link fabric and get pushed directly into the ground. This bridges the gap between the fence and the ground, and it stabilizes the bottom of the fence. Some homeowners add chicken wire to the base for an extra barricade.

Put a Guard at the Bottom of Your Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence guards are designed to cover the pointed edges of the chain link fabric. This makes it more difficult for animals to grab on and pry part of the fencing up. It also creates a clean edge at the bottom that a lot of homeowners like the look of.

Installing a chain link guard is fairly simple, and you can choose from a wide range of colors. This option doesn’t provide as much stability as guard rails or tension wires, but it works well for select situations.

Get a Secure Chain Link Fence from All Around Fence

If you’re worried about chain link fence security, let us design a custom fence that accommodates your needs. We’ll take into account your budget, goals, property limitations, and other factors to create the perfect fence design. Contact All Around Fence at (443) 838-9374 to schedule a free fence estimate. We serve the Baltimore Metro area, including Howard County, Baltimore County and Anne Arundel County.

All Around Fence serves the Maryland region with top quality fence installation and fencing products.

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