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Fence Repair vs. New Fence – What Should You Choose?

It’s a classic battle: fence repair vs. new fence. There is no straightforward winner. Sometimes getting a new fence is the right answer, while other times, all you need is a repair. This comprehensive guide will help you decide if you should replace or repair your fence.

How Many Years Would a Fence Repair Add to Your Fencing?

If a simple fence repair could add years to your fencing, it’s a no-brainer investment. That’s not always the case though. Let’s say you have a wood fence that’s already 15 years old. Even if you complete the fence repair, you’ll still have to replace it shortly. You can only bandage it up for so long.

If you know you’re going to need a new fence soon, you’re probably better off replacing it now and putting the repair costs towards the new fence. Making the repair now and then the replacement two years from now will ultimately cost more than replacing it right away.

Compare the Cost of Fence Repair vs. a New Fence

In order to truly decide if you should repair or replace your fence, you need to understand the cost difference. There are many factors that impact the cost of fence repair. Thus some repairs are much more affordable than others. If extensive storm damage is going to make your fence repair about the same price as a new fence, you might as well get the new fence! If completing a minor repair could save you thousands of dollars upfront, that may be the better option.

Get a quote for fence repair vs. fence replacement, and weigh out the benefits of both options. Then you can determine which path is right for your budget, your property, and your situation.

Explore Insurance Coverage for Damaged Fencing

If you plan to use insurance to cover some of your costs, you’ll need to evaluate what your coverage options are. Your insurance company may only provide coverage for a fence repair, or they may only cover fence replacement with comparable materials. If you were planning to upgrade from chain link to vinyl fencing, you might be out the cost difference. Assess your insurance coverage to make an educated decision.

Maintain Your New or Existing Fence to Maximize Its Lifespan

Whether you choose to repair your fence or get a new fence, maintenance is key to maximizing your return on investment. The type of maintenance you do will depend on the type of fence you have. Vinyl fences only need to be cleaned a few times a year. Wood fences should be stained or sealed every 3-5 years for maximum longevity.

Keep your fence line clear of debris to reduce the risk of pest and moisture damage. Monitor the fencing for ingrowing trees, rot, warping and other issues. Then take care of the issues you find as quickly as possible. Making small repairs as they emerge will prevent the need for larger, pricier repairs.

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