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Neighbor's Ugly Fence

What to Do about Your Neighbor’s Ugly Fence

Tired of looking at the hideous fence next door? Does your neighbor’s fence detract from the beauty on your property? This may be partly out of your control, but there are some tricks to hide or modify the eyesore. Read on to learn what to do about your neighbor’s ugly fence.

Talk to Your Neighbor about a Fence Upgrade

Before you try to hide the ugly fence next to your yard, consider talking to your neighbor about a fence upgrade. If you’re planning to upgrade your fencing anyway, this could be a good opportunity for you to coordinate timing and potentially save a little money. Your neighbor may not be in a position to get a new fence at this time, but it can’t hurt to ask. Explain your plans and see if your neighbor might want to join you.

Add a Secondary Fence on Your Property Line

If improving your neighbor’s fence isn’t an option, you could install a new fence on your side of the property line. As long as you’re within your lot, your neighbor has no say in what type of fencing you install. You could put up a beautiful privacy fence to cover the mangled chain link next door, and then you’ll never have to look at that ugly fence again.

Use Fence Covers to Camouflage Your Side of the Fencing

You may be able to camouflage your side of the fencing, depending on the type of fence you’re dealing with. There are many styles of fence covers available. Some are decorative panels. Others are made to look like bushes. You could secure some sort of cover to the fence to make the ugly parts less visible. Just be mindful of wind in the area and how that might impact the cover’s security.

Make Your Fence Look the Best It Can

If you cannot cover the fence or hide it, you can at least detract from it. Create a focal point in your yard that draws the eye away from the ugly fence. Maintain your portion of the fencing so the property looks pristine and well cared for. This may include staining or painting your fence, depending on the type of fencing you have.

All Around Fence offers fence repair, fence maintenance and fence installation services. We would be happy to discuss your options for hiding your neighbor’s ugly fence. Give All Around Fence a call at (443) 838-9374 to schedule a free quote.

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