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New Fence

Should I Get a New Fence before Selling My Home?

Most homeowners have some repairs to do before selling their homes. The repairs may be small, like touchup paint and new lightbulbs. They could also be costly, like remodeling the kitchen or replacing the flooring. As you evaluate your upcoming repairs, don’t forget about your fencing. It may make all the difference in the sale. Let’s look at some pros and cons to determine if you need a new fence before selling your home.

Will Your Current Fence Hurt the Value or Marketability of Your Home?

If your fence is falling down, overgrown with trees, or completely greyed out, it may detract from the marketability of your home. Even if it does not decrease the value of the property, it may hinder your ability to sell the house. This is especially true if the comparable properties in the area have updated fences. You have to decide if that boost in salability will be worth it to you.

Could a New Fence Improve Your Curb Appeal?

If your fencing is visible from the street, it could have a big impact on your curb appeal. Imagine what a potential buyer sees when they pull up to the property. Would the current state of your fencing be a deterrent? A new fence will show buyers that you take care of your home, giving them more confidence to look inside. It could also help your home look newer as a whole, regardless of how much work you’ve done with the exterior.

If your fence is not visible from the exterior, replacing it may not be as big of a concern. However, buyers will look in your yard when they tour your property. If they look back at a disheveled fence, they will scrutinize the rest of the home.

Will the Cost Yield a Return on Investment?

This is one of the most important considerations for a home seller. Will the money you spend on the fence outweigh your return? If so, you have to decide if the perks of better curb appeal will make up for any investment you might lose. If an old fence leaves your house on the market for an extra month, that’s a separate set of expenses you’ll incur. At that point, the fencing will most assuredly have a positive ROI.

You Could Save Money with Fence Repair and Staining

Instead of replacing your fence entirely, consider staining it. With fence staining, you can make greyed wood look like new again. This protects the wood and extends the life of your fencing. If your fencing is in good shape, you may only need to make a few simple repairs. This will eliminate red flags on the property that could turn away potential buyers.

Look into Different Materials for Your New Fence

If you opt for a new fence, consider the different fence materials available to you. Chain link fences are inexpensive, but they won’t do much for your curb appeal. Wood fencing is an upgrade from that, and it looks great in nearly all applications. Vinyl fencing is more durable than wood, but it comes at a higher cost. That may not be ideal for someone trying to sell their home, though it would make a great investment for your new home! Assess the costs and aesthetic appeal for each fence material to find the best option for you.

Get a Quote for a New Fence from Our Family-Owned Company

The experts here would be happy to help you with this decision. We can go over the costs for fence repair, replacement, staining, and more. Then we can help you choose the ideal solution for your property, timeframe and goals. You’ll have your house on the market in no time! Call (443) 838-9374 to reach our family-owned fencing company in Pasedena, MD.

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