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Cedar Fence

How Many Years Does a Cedar Fence Last?

How Many Years Does a Cedar Fence Last?

Cedar fencing is an excellent option for residential and commercial fence designs. However, cedar is a bit more expensive than other wood fencing options. You might wonder if the cost is worth the return. In this guide, we’ll explain how many years a cedar fence lasts, along with tips to extend the life of your fencing.

Average Lifespan for Cedar Fencing

The average cedar fence will last up to 30 years with proper maintenance. However, there are some factors that contribute to the life of cedar fencing. Precipitation and sharp temperature shifts can wear down the fencing over time. The wood expands and contracts with the climate, which will weaken it over the years. Termites, direct sun exposure, storm damage and other contributors will also influence the life of the fencing. The team here at All Around Fence, LLC is here to help you preserve your cedar fence as long as possible.

Cedar Fence vs. Other Wood Fence Materials

Cedar fencing is superior to most other wood fence materials. That is why it is slightly more expensive upfront. If you factor in the longevity of the fencing though, cedar costs less in the long run. A spruce or pine fence may only last 15 years before it needs to be replaced. A cedar fence could have double that lifespan.

What makes cedar so special? It is naturally equipped to stand up to the elements. Most other wood requires special chemicals to withstand weather changes. Cedar has natural oils that protect it from rot, insect damage, shrinking, warping and more. The end result is a great-looking, long-lasting fence that performs significantly better than the competition.   

Maintenance Tips for Cedar Fencing

Now that you know how long cedar fences last, you can take simple steps to extend the life of your fence. Here are some maintenance tips for cedar fencing:

  • Get your fence stained every few years. Fence staining preserves the beauty of the cedar and further protects it from the elements. We recommend staining every 5-7 years. If your fencing has started to grey, we will power wash it before staining to revitalize the look of the wood.
  • Keep the fence line clear of debris. Cedar is naturally resistant to insects, but that doesn’t mean you should invite them in. Piles of leaves and other debris can become breeding grounds for pests. Frequently clean around your fence line to protect your fence posts.
  • Complete repairs as needed. Fence damage only gets worse over time. If you have an issue that is weakening the structural integrity of the fence, take care of it right away. This will save you from more costly repairs down the road.
  • Get a rot board or mud board to protect the bottom of your fence posts. This is a horizontal piece of wood that runs along the base of the fencing. It protects the base of your fence posts from lawn equipment, moisture, animals, and more. It is a simple addition that could add years to your fencing.
  • Work with a trusted fence maintenance company. All Around Fence, LLC has affordable solutions to preserve your cedar fencing. Contact us at 443-838-9374 to get a free quote for fence maintenance.

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