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Fence Material

Which Fence Material Lasts the Longest?

With the number of fence materials available now, you may feel overwhelmed with options. As you compare wood fences, vinyl fences, wrought iron fences, and more, it’s important to think about longevity. This will help you find the best investment for your short-term and long-term goals. Read on to find out which fence material lasts the longest.

Types of Fence Material (And How Long They Last)

There are many types of fence materials on the market today. Here is an overview of the most common fencing materials:

  • Wooden fencing: Wooden fences are some of the most popular options, regardless of a home’s style or neighborhood. A wood fence can last for 30 years or longer, depending on the type of wood it is made from and how well it is cared for. Less expensive wood, such as spruce or pine, will not last as long as cedar. A fence that is regularly stained will last longer than one that is left raw.
  • Chain link fencing: Chain link is one of the most affordable fence materials available. Chain link fencing can last approximately 20 years, depending on care. However, chain link is not as attractive as other fence materials, so it is not ideal for many applications.
  • Vinyl fencing: Vinyl fencing can last 30+ years with minimal maintenance required. Unlike wood that can warp, rot, or shrink over time, vinyl is rigid and resilient. It is resistant to pests, rain, snow, temperature changes, and other elements. That is why vinyl fencing is the longest lasting fence material. It does not need to be stained, and it is easy to clean with soap and water. Vinyl fencing is the superior choice among fence materials.
  • Aluminum, steel and wrought iron fencing: These ornate fencing options are durable and beautiful. These fences are strong enough to withstand high winds and heavy rain. They do not provide much privacy though, so they may not be ideal for a backyard or other personal space. We can help you decide which fence material is right for you.

Other Factors That Impact Fence Longevity

Aside from fence material, there are other factors that impact the life of your fence. For instance, if your home is in an open area with high wind exposure, the wind will put added pressure on your fencing. Over time, this could cause the fence to lean if it is not properly anchored in the ground. If you have a lot of hydrostatic pressure and freestanding water in your yard, that may compromise the foundation under your fencing. This too could decrease the lifespan. Talk to your fence installers about these factors to ensure you choose the right fence design for your needs.

How to Extend the Life of Your Fencing

If you want your new fence to last as long as possible, follow these tips from our Baltimore fencing company.

  • Watch for trees and shrubs growing along the fence line. If you notice any unwanted plants growing, remove them or kill them off as quickly as possible. The root structures and branches can create damaging pressure around your fence over time.
  • Clean leaves and other debris along the base of the fence. This debris creates a warm, comfortable home for unwanted pests that could damage your fencing.
  • Get your wooden fence stained. This process will need to be done once every few years. The stain will preserve the beauty of your fencing and protect the wood from the elements.
  • Complete fence repairs in a timely manner. The damages will only get worse with time, leading to more costly repairs. Any damage to your fence can put its structural integrity at risk.
  • Check your fencing several times a year. Many fence damages are simple to repair, especially if you catch them early on. Do a quick inspection a few times a year to ensure your fence is in good shape. If not, contact us to complete your fence repairs.

No matter what fence material you choose, All Around Fence, LLC can help you protect it. Contact us at (443) 838-9374 to schedule your free consultation.

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