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Faded Fence Posts

Reasons Your Fence Posts May Change Color

All exterior elements on your home have the potential to change color over time – siding, roofing, trim paint, concrete, and even fence posts. Some fencing is designed to maintain its color as long as possible. Whenever fading does occur, it is minor and hard to notice. In this guide, we will explore some of the reasons your fence posts may change color and how you can minimize the transformation.

Sun Fading

If you have colored fence posts, UV rays from the sun may cause them to change colors. To put this in perspective, think about an apartment complex where every door is painted red. The doors in the shade will look a vibrant red, while the doors facing the sun will be much more muted. The sun will bleach out almost any material that gets consistent exposure. Even the artwork in your home may fade from sunlight in the windows.

If your property receives a lot of direct sunlight, talk to your fence installation company about the best fencing to withstand sun fading. As a general rule of thumb, choose fence posts that are light in color. This will make fading less noticeable if it does occur. Also keep this in mind if you plan on painting your fencing in the future.

Weathered Wood

Wood tends to turn grey after a few years, depending on how it is treated and what type of wood it is. Precipitation, sunlight, dirt and debris all factor into this weathered effect. If you have a wood fence, you should have it stained once every few years to revitalize the color and protect the wood from the elements. Staining does not require a lot of work, and it will add years to the lifetime of your fence posts.


Just because your fence posts are vertical doesn’t mean they are protected from dirt. They can get dirty from rain falling onto them, but they can also get dirty from wind-blown debris. The dirt is hard to notice on wood fencing, but it can be quite noticeable on vinyl fencing. Thankfully, all you have to do is hose off the fence posts or scrub them down with soapy water. The dirt will wash away, and your fencing will look brand new.


When it rains, your fencing will look much darker than it does dry. The water enhances the color of the fence posts just like it would anything you put outside. Of course, this change is only temporary. The fencing will go back to its original form once the water dries completely.

Items Surrounding Your Fence Posts

The items you put near your fence posts will change the way you perceive their color. Paint your trim, stain wooden elements on your home, or add new landscaping and your fence posts are going to appear to be a different color. You can use this to your advantage by selecting colors that accentuate the beauty of your fencing. With proper maintenance and a good perspective, your fence posts will look great for years to come.

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