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Vinyl Fencing Cost More

Why Does Vinyl Fencing Cost More Than Wood?

Most people are surprised to see that vinyl fencing cost more to install than wood fencing. Vinyl is often considered a “cheap” material because of the way it is used in other applications (example: vinyl siding vs. brick siding). When it comes to fence installations, vinyl is superior to wood in almost every category. That’s why it costs more upfront.

With that in mind, getting a vinyl fence will ultimately save you money. Here’s why…

Why Vinyl Fencing Cost More Initially

It’s no secret that vinyl fencing cost more than wood fencing in the beginning. This is because it is designed to last a lifetime. Rather than getting a new fence every 10 years or so, you can install a vinyl fence and not have to worry about replacing it. Maintenance is extremely minimal. Just clean the fencing when it gets dirty, and you’re good to go.

Vinyl does not need to be painted, and all of the vinyl fencing we use comes with a warranty. There are a number of styles and colors to choose from, so you can get the exact look you want for your fence. In fact, you can even get the look of natural wood with the added durability of vinyl. You can enjoy the best of both worlds! Simply put, you’ll get what you paid for, and in this case, it’s all positive.

How Vinyl Can Save You Money in the Long Term

Despite the higher upfront cost, vinyl fencing is more affordable than wood fencing in the long run. It does not have to be replaced, repaired, stained, or maintained like wood fencing does. Vinyl Fencing can withstand more damage from Mother Nature. You may not want to spend that extra money if you are selling your home sometime soon, but if you plan to live there for a while, vinyl is going to give you the best return on investment.

Comparing the Cost of Fence Materials and Installations

In order to find out exactly how much more you will need to spend upfront for vinyl fencing, you need a quote for your yard specifically. There are a number of factors that can impact the quote, such as trees along the property line or dips in the ground that would need to be filled. All Around Fence, LLC is happy to provide a free fencing quote so you can compare options and make an informed decision right from the start. We will go over all the benefits of each option in person and help you choose the best one for your long-term plans.

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