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Customize Wood Fencing

5 Ways to Customize Wood Fencing

Don’t want to have the same wood fence as everyone on the block? There are plenty of opportunities to customize wood fencing! From style to color to placement, wood fencing is one of the most versatile fencing materials available. Here are some ideas to inspire your wood fence design.

Add a Border or Cap to the Top of Your Fence

A border or top cap is a great way to make your fence look special and unique. Some homeowners add a top and bottom border to the fencing to create a visible rectangle around each section. Other homeowners opt for a cap that hide the top of the posts and makes the fencing look streamlined. These additions can be included during the initial planning stages, or they can be added to an existing wood fence.

Get a Decorative Fence Gate

A decorative gate is another opportunity to make your fencing unique. You could get an iron gate that contrasts the wood fencing, or you could add new hardware and other design details. This will make your fence gate more noticeable, so you need to decide if you want that to be a prominent component of your fencing.

Stain Your Wood Fencing

Fence staining protects wood fence pickets, and it allows you to change the color of your fencing. You could choose a rich, dark stain with lots of depth, or you could choose a lighter stain that brightens up the property. You may want to preserve the natural look of the wood with clear stain. The choice is yours! The fence design experts here at All Around Fence would be happy to show you stain samples. You can narrow down your options to find the ideal color for your fencing.

Change the Fence Picket Placement

If you are getting a new fence, you could play around with different picket placements. For instance, rather than having all of the fence posts on one side of the railing, you could alternate each post – inside, outside, inside, outside. You could also use a board-and-batten placement, where a thin picket is placed to cover the gap between thicker pickets. We will go over these options during your consultation to find the right style for your goals and budget.

Paint or Stylize Your Fence Posts

Your fence posts are the large poles or wood beams that hold up the backer rails. These are usually designed to blend in with the fencing, but why not make yours stand out? You could paint them black for a high contrast or stain them a different color than the rest of your fence. You could also add decorative caps to the top of the fence posts to make them fit your personal style. Play around with creative ideas until you find the perfect design for your wood fencing.

Bonus Tip: Add Complementary Design Elements to Other Parts of Your Exterior

Use your wood fence as inspiration for other parts of your exterior design. For instance, you may stain wood shutters to match your stained wood fencing. This will bring the color from the fence to the home’s façade. If you have a black iron fence, you could use black iron wall décor in your backyard. These steps create a cohesive look for the whole property, and they showcase the beauty of your fencing. You’ll soon have a designer-looking home that you’re proud to show off with customize wood fencing.

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