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Add Privacy

How to Add Privacy to a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is among the most affordable fence materials on the market. While sturdy and functional, this fencing lacks one important feature – privacy. In this guide, we’ll show different ways to add privacy to a chain link fence. These solutions are perfect for renters and property owners alike!

Install Chain Link Fence Slats

Chain link fence slats easily weave between the links on the fence. The slats typically run vertically or diagonally, and they are available in a wide range of colors. Chain link slats may not create complete privacy, but they will greatly reduce the visibility. The slats are quite affordable, but it’s important to purchase the right height. If you have 4′ slats on a 6′ fence, you won’t achieve the desired privacy.

As an alternative, you could use chain link fence tape to add privacy to your fence. The tape is not quite as durable as the slats, but you can custom cut it to any size. If you wanted to create a unique design in your fence, the tape would give you the flexibility to do so.

Use Greenery Panels for a Natural Look

Another way to add privacy to a chain link fence is to cover it with greenery panels. This will make the fence look like there are vines or shrubs running along it. Greenery panels create a beautiful backdrop to a backyard garden or front yard property divider. To clean, simply hose them down with water periodically. If a panel gets damaged, you can replace it with ease. Greenery panels are comparable in price to slats, so you can select the option that best suits your aesthetic.

You may think, why not use real plants along the fence line? The problem with that plan is that you will most likely want to replace your fence in the future. Untangling the vines from the fence will be quite the demolition project. The plants may also damage the fencing as they grow. Greenery panels are practically maintenance-free, unlike natural plants. They are also easier to control for maximum privacy. You get the look of real plants without the hassle of maintaining them.

Add Privacy Fence Screens to Your Chain Link Fence

You may have seen privacy screens around an outdoor tennis court at a park. These screens easily secure to the chain link fencing, and they are designed to withstand most weather events. The screens significantly limit visibility into the yard, and they help reduce wind. If you spray paint, play ball, or do other activities that are affected by wind, these screens could improve your experience outdoors.

Raise Your Chain Link Fence Height

Adding privacy to a chain link fence is only truly effective on taller fences. If you have a four-foot fence, passers by will still be able to see over the fence and into your yard. If you have a six-foot fence, the privacy screen may be perfectly sufficient for your needs.

There are a few ways to add height to your existing fencing. You can buy extension poles that attach to the top rail, or you can DIY extension poles out of PVC. From there, you can run chain link fabric between the poles, just like you have on the bottom section. If you are replacing your fence, you could choose to get a taller fence in the future.

The Ultimate Solution – Upgrade to a Privacy Fence

The best way to truly get privacy on your property is to get a privacy fence. This could be made of wood, vinyl, or a myriad of other fence materials. The fence posts can be laid for maximum privacy, blocking out most or all visibility into your yard. You can design a custom fence to suit your specific needs.

Upgrading to a new fence may not be in the cards right now, but it is something to keep in mind for the future. Until then, the solutions above should make your yard feel safer, cozier, and more secure. If you are interested in a new fence, the experts here at All Around Fence would be happy to provide a free quote and answer all your questions. Call (443) 838-9374 to get started.

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