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Fence Damage

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Fence Damage?

If your fence was recently damaged by a storm or unexpected impact, you may be worried about your upcoming costs. Your insurance may cover some or all of your fence damage, depending on the circumstances surrounding it. Let’s find out if your homeowners insurance covers fence damage.

Insurance Coverage Depends on the Source of the Damage

Most homeowners insurance policies will cover fence damage from a natural disaster, heavy wind, fire, a fallen tree, and other issues beyond your control. However, it will not cover damage due to wear and tear or improper maintenance. What if your fence falls over because the posts were not properly secured to the ground, your insurance isn’t going to cover that. If your dog chews through your fence pickets, insurance won’t cover that either.

If you need help deciphering your coverage, contact your insurance agent and explain the situation. They can quickly tell you if the damage is potentially covered or not covered at all.

What If My Neighbor’s Tree Falls on My Fence?

If your neighbor’s tree falls on your fence, your insurance should still cover the damages. Your insurance company may pursue reimbursement from your neighbor or your neighbor’s insurance company if the damage was the result of improper maintenance or negligence. For example, if the neighbor failed to cut down a tree that was already leaning, the damage was preventable. Nevertheless, you will only have to cover your deductible either way. You may be able to get that money back if the neighbor is found negligent.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Pay for a New Fence?

There is no clear answer to this question. In most cases, the insurance will cover fence repair, not full fence replacement. If the majority of the fence was damaged though, the repair may turn into a replacement. Your insurance company will only pay for a comparable replacement. If you have a wood fence and want a vinyl fence, your insurance company will only pay for the wood fence that directly replaces your existing fence. You would have to pay the difference if you wanted to upgrade.

Keep the upgrade in mind if your insurance is going to pay for most of your new fence. That’s the best time to get the fence of your dreams without having to pay the full price out of pocket. Use this opportunity to get cedar fencing instead of pine. Get an aluminum fence instead of chain link. Explore all your options. You might be surprised by how affordable they can be!

Consider Your Deductible before Filing an Insurance Claim

Before you file an insurance claim for fence damage, factor in your deductible. Unfortunately, your deductible may be the same price or higher than the cost of your fence repair. Filing an insurance claim could affect your rates moving forward, and you’ll get little to no benefit from the process. Of course, if the deductible is far less than the fence damage, filing a claim could be worth the money you’ll save.

If you’d like a quote for fence repair after storm damage, contact All Around Fence at (443) 838-9374. We offer no-interest financing for a limited time, and we will gladly work with your insurance company to manage your claim. Reach out to schedule your no-obligation consultation.

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