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Apartment Complexes Fencing

Tips for Apartment Complexes Fencing

Apartment complexes have unique safety concerns and fencing requirements. Designing a fence for an apartment complex is a much different process than designing a fence for a home. If you are planning to replace your fencing or install new fencing in the future, check out these fence design tips for apartment complexes.

Perimeter Fencing vs. Privacy Fencing

For most apartment complexes, privacy fencing is not necessary around the perimeter. The complex covers a large area of land, which is most likely visible from neighboring streets. Even with a privacy fence, there would be visibility into the community.

Moreover, privacy fencing for such a large area can get pricey. It is a beautiful property separator, but it is not the ideal fit for every situation. You might be better off with iron perimeter fencing that looks great but doesn’t have total privacy like wood or vinyl.

If one part of the property connects to a residential neighborhood, you may put privacy fencing along that side for security. There are many ways to mix fence materials and still have great-looking results. The fence design team here at All Around Fence would be happy to walk you through the process.

Opt for Durable, Low-Maintenance Fence Materials

With any rental property, low maintenance fencing is ideal. The less you have to deal with, the more money you save in property maintenance. Wood is typically the most affordable fencing material, but it does not have the long-term durability of iron and vinyl. Moreover, wood fencing requires frequent staining and sealing. With other fence materials, you simply have to hose them down or power wash them for maintenance. If you’re looking for a good return on investment, durability and maintainability should be your top priorities. Check out Which Fence Material Lasts Longest? for more information.

Install Privacy Fencing around First-Floor Patios

If your first floor apartments have patios, you could consider installing privacy fencing around those patios. This gives your tenants a private area to grill, host small get togethers, and enjoy their time outside. They won’t have complete privacy because of the upper floor apartments, but they will feel like they have a private space. This is an increasing trend in fence designs for apartment complexes, and it could give you enough boost to increase rent rates.

Consider Gate Design as Part of Your Fence Design

When planning your fence design, don’t forget about the gate. If you have a gated community, the design of your entry gate should tie in with the rest of the fencing. This doesn’t mean the fencing has to be the same material throughout. It just needs to have complementary features. We can go over these options during your fence design consultation.

Use Fencing to Hide Dumpsters and Other Eye Sores

Fencing can help hide the fixtures on your property that you may not want to see at all times. A prime example of this is the dumpsters scattered throughout the apartment complex. Install an easy-open gate around the dumpster so residents and trash collectors can access the container as needed. When it is not in use, all you see is fencing – not a trash container.

Don’t Forget Pool Fencing!

If your apartment complex has a swimming pool, you will need a pool fence with enhanced security features. The fencing protects children and pets from getting into the pool area without supervision. It also limits the number of people who can go into the pool, including non-residents. If your apartment gate has a key fob entry system, you can get a coordinating lock for the pool gate that will only permit residents from entering. Whatever you do, make sure to lock the pool fence when the pool is not in operation.

Create a Cohesive Design for the Entire Apartment Complex

Above all else, your apartment complex fence design needs to be cohesive with the rest of the property. Consider the materials and colors used around the building, as well as other properties in the area. Find a fence design that flows well with the community but still makes your property stand out from the rest. Contact All Around Fence at (443) 838-9374 to schedule a consultation for apartment fence design.

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