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Pool Fence Look Great

Different ways to make your pool fence look great

Different ways to make your pool fence look great

You invested a great deal of time, energy, and expense in the design and installation of an in-ground pool in your backyard. Expansive landscaping and complementing hardscape add to the allure and you are considering finishing off the project with a fence surrounding the area, for safety and to keep out stray dogs and other unwanted critters.

In fact, many cities and neighborhood ordinances require fencing around pools, yet some people neglect this important feature because they don’t like how a fence looks around their pool. This is of course irresponsible and dangerous and all it takes is a little creativity and effort to seamlessly blend a fence with the rest of the pool area. Let’s look at a few proven ideas to make a pool fence look great.

Hide and seek

One of the most popular methods for dressing up a pool fence is hiding it. The use of strategically designed and installed hardscaping features, for example, works very well. Consider a low retaining wall, outdoor sitting areas, or boulder gardens to attract the eye away from a formal fence line.

Another highly effective approach is the use of trees or climbing vines. This type of foliage also does double duty as partial protection from bad weather, but there are several details to keep in mind. Don’t plant trees that are easy to climb (negates the purpose of the fence) and “messy” trees that drop pinecones, seeds or other debris can cause all manner of trouble. Determined roots are also potential enemies that inflict damage on a fence. Vibrant vines, on the other hand, are easy to plant and fast-growing. A row of shrubs work great, and even a few giant potted plants go a long way in hiding a fence.

Build a pool wall

Some custom pool areas use wood or hardscape walls in place of (or in addition to) a perimeter fence. The wall naturally diverts attention away from the fence and adds an extra element of safety. An extra brick or stone wall, for example, is another barrier in place to thwart children’s attempts to reach the pool.

Embrace the fence

Yet another way to dress up a pool fence is to not hide it at all. Thoughtfully selected fencing material turns a traditional fence look into part of the entire landscape. Attractive wood fencing or lattice lends a warm feel to the setting and makes an ideal backdrop for foreground flower gardens, mini water features, or play areas for kids. Many wood fence options come in panels and are relatively easy to install; however, keep in mind that wood requires maintenance and won’t last forever.

Another recent trend in pool fences is glass. A glass-walled fence provides the same security as any other option and blends so well with the surrounding landscape it’s like the fence isn’t even there. It’s the ultimate way to hide a fence; although if privacy is a goal, glass fencing will need a substantial amount of accompanying foliage or shades.

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