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Privacy Fence

What to Know before Installing a Privacy Fence

You know you want a privacy fence, and you’re ready to make it happen. Before you officially schedule installation though, there are some prep steps you need to take. Check out these tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Understand HOA and Zoning Rules for Privacy Fences

Privacy fence regulations vary by county, and sometimes they can be as specific as each neighborhood. For instance, if your property backs up to a golf course, you may not be permitted to have a privacy fence along the back property line. Instead, you may be required to use an aluminum or wrought iron fence to maintain the view to the golf course.

Properties that fall under homeowner’s associations also have rules to abide by. Not only do you have to align with local laws, but you also need to meet the aesthetic requirements from the HOA. These are elements that you should be familiar with before installing a privacy fence.

Confirm the Property Line

Just because there is a fence currently in place doesn’t mean it’s in the right place. Whether you’re installing a new fence or replacing an existing fence, confirm where your property lines are. In a worst case scenario, you might install a fence on your neighbor’s property and then be forced to remove/relocate it. You can avoid that hassle by simply making sure the fence is in the right spot.

Compare Maintenance Requirements for Privacy Fence Materials

Different types of fences require different maintenance routines. This will not only affect the cost of the fence, but also the longevity of the materials. Pine wood fencing is inexpensive upfront compared to other materials, but it needs to be stained and sealed every 3-5 years. Cedar requires less maintenance, but it costs more for the initial installation.

Research the maintenance your fence will need before selecting the material for your property.

Choose a Privacy Fence Material That Fits Your Overall Needs

There are multiple factors that determine the best style of fence for your property. The fact that you’re looking into privacy fencing means you likely want privacy, but what about noise or wind reduction? Do you want a fence that requires little to no maintenance? Or how about a fence that you can customize over time?

All of these elements play a role in your fence design. The fence should address your functional needs first and then correspond to the aesthetic of your property. Make a list of what you want out of your privacy fence, and then your fence installers can recommend the ideal solutions for you.

Work with Licensed and Insured Fence Installers That Have a Proven Track Record

The company installing your fence makes all the difference. Not only do you want a positive experience, but you also want a crew that can handle any obstacles that may arise. Are they equipped to deal with tree roots or stumps along the fence line? Do they have insurance to cover any accidental damages that may occur? Is the team large enough to install the fence in a timely manner?

Select a licensed and insured fence company with a good reputation. You don’t have to pay a fortune to get the care and quality you deserve. If you’d like a privacy fence quote from All Around Fence, please contact us at (443) 838-9374.

All Around Fence serves the Maryland region with top quality fence installation and fencing products.

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