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Fence Permit

Do I Need a Fence Permit to Fence My Yard?

Just about any modification you do to your property requires some sort of building permit. Before you can add on to your house or build a new driveway, you need approval from the city you live in. Do those rules apply to fences though? Do you need a fence permit for a fenced yard?

Let’s explore the permit requirements for fences so you can prepare for your project.

Local Ordinances May Require a Fence Permit for Certain Types of Fencing

Every state and county has its own rules regarding fence permits. This may vary based on the height of the fence or the types of materials used.

For example, in San Mateo County California, the local zoning laws say, “Fences of any type exceeding 6 feet in height or masonry fences of any height will require a building permit.” In Baltimore County Maryland, a building permit is required for “fences 42 inches or above.” There are specific regulations for front yard fences, side fences, back fences, corner lot fences, and more.

Because of these variations, it’s hard to say for sure if you will need a permit to fence your yard. It’s best to look into the rules for your county or consult with a licensed fence company near you.

Just Because You Have a Fence Doesn’t Mean It’s Permitted

You may be thinking, “I already have a fence, so I won’t need a new permit.” The fact is that the previous owners may have fenced your yard without taking the necessary permitting steps. It’s also possible that your new fence design will not align with an existing building permit.

Once again, you can work with an experienced fence company or check your county ordinances to make sure your new fence is legal and permitted.

HOA Regulations Could Affect Your Fence Installation

If you are part of a homeowner’s association, the HOA may have rules regarding fencing. This isn’t necessarily a permit issue, but it can dictate elements of your installation. The HOA may have rules about fence materials, colors, heights, etc. They do this to establish a consistent appearance in the neighborhood.

If you don’t have an HOA, you can do whatever you want, as long as it fits within the local guidelines.

Work with a Licensed Fencing Company That Can Verify Permits for You

If you’re worried about permitting, talk to an experienced fence company in your area. They’ll know the local laws and can ensure your new fence is installed legally. You may also want to verify your property line to make sure the new fence gets installed in the right location. The experts here at All Around Fence can assist you every step of the way.

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