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Vinyl Fence Benefits

What are the benefits of choosing vinyl fencing?

When you think of vinyl, what comes to mind? Records and restaurant booths, perhaps, but what about fencing? If it has been some time since you have installed a fence or even investigated material options, you might be unaware of the many benefits of vinyl fencing. It is an affordable option, versatile for most any landscape, and comes in virtually any color you like. One of the most popular attractions to vinyl fencing, of course, is absence of maintenance. Indeed, once a vinyl fence is up, you rarely need to give it a second thought. If you’re used to wrought iron or wood fence material, this will be a big change and you’ll be surprised how much time is saved. Let’s look closer at this attractive fencing alternative:

Strength to spare

Did you know that vinyl is roughly five times stronger than wood? That’s a big deal when it comes to installing a perimeter fence for a pasture or pet enclosure area, for example. Wood has its advantages but will eventually decompose, attract rust and weather stains, soak up water or fade its color from the sun and other harsh elements. Vinyl will last for decades and doesn’t absorb moisture, which means no paint blistering or peeling. In addition, vinyl brings the look of wood without impending future maintenance.

Minimum maintenance

Let’s say it rains hard and splatters mud and debris all along the lower sections of your new vinyl fence. Nothing to worry about; just grab a hose and spray it off. Even hardier stains can be easily cleaned with soap and water or mild cleaning solutions. You can save a great deal of time and money without regular fence maintenance on your chore list.

Easy install

Installing a long perimeter of wood, iron, or even barbed wire fencing is an enormous job. Vinyl fencing, on the other hand, is a veritable piece of cake to put together and many handy homeowners opt to do it themselves. Once the posts are secured to the ground, the panel pieces slide and lock into place and when all’s said and done, you don’t have to paint it! If you do decide to hire out the installation, the cost is still far less than heavier and more complicated fence material.

Keep it private

One of the most attractive benefits of vinyl fencing is the availability of one-piece panels should you desire total privacy in a backyard pool area, for example, or simply alone time in the yard clear of a neighbor’s view. One-piece panels are also popular for commercial settings to hide garbage bins and can be purchased in tall heights for extra privacy.

An affordable alternative

In addition to its versatility, strength, privacy benefits, and low maintenance; vinyl fencing is arguably the most affordable perimeter option, made even more so when factoring in money and time saved with lack of maintenance. And vinyl fencing is durable enough to last for many years.

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