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Chain Link Fence Maintenance

5 care tips for chain link fence maintenance

You decided to install a new chain link fence around a section of your property. Perhaps you have a dog especially adept at tunneling escape routes or is part kangaroo and can jump over things in a single bound. Maybe you’re in charge of a large commercial property and need to keep intruders out (or a guard dog in). Whatever the case, the task of installing a chain link fence is an arduous one involving trenching, anchoring, leveling, keeping it all in a straight line, and backfilling. Now that the fence is up you’d like to keep its new fence glow for as long as possible. Chain link fences are some of the strongest and durable on the market but attentive chain link fence maintenance is still a critical step to ensure your fence stays that way for many years.

But it’s not as simple as just hosing down the fence once in a while. Prepare yourself with details on the structure and material type of your particular fence in order to see the best results. Here are 5 proven methods to care for and maintain your fence.

Keep it squeaky clean

Simple but effective, a good wash goes a long way in keeping a chain link fence looking great. Dirt accumulates on the fence’s lower flanks and grass from mowing coats it in green. Use a healthy soap and water mix and then wax it with metal-specific products. Follow up the waxing with oil application to springs, latches, and joints.

Keep rust at bay

Chain link fences are strong but without a protective coating they are susceptible to the elements and vulnerable to rust. Rainstorms, regular coatings of dew, and accumulating snow take their toll. Apply a rust-resistant finish to stop rust in its tracks.

Lube it up

If the grating sound of a squeaky fence gate drives you crazy, oil those hinges. Aside from making a gate quiet and smooth, regular oil treatments help keep the rust away. Letting rust build up too much compromises the gate’s movement and eventually you won’t be able to open it at all.

Chain link fence maintenance routine

It’s easy to keep an eye on the health of a chain link fence. Plan a monthly check of the fence’s entire perimeter and be sure to review all posts, review overall condition, look for signs of damage, and be sure the fence is still aligned and true. If the stability of the fence is in question, it’s time to bring in a pro. Complex issues can quickly get out of hand and become much more serious. Enlisting the expertise of a professional will keep your fence in shape and save you money.

Hardware check

A chain link fence uses special nails to secure everything in place, as well as nuts and bolts at junctions. Make regular checks of all hardware along the entire length of the fence, paying special attention to gate hinges.

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