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Dog Fencing Options

Dog Fencing Options

Fencing Options for Dog Owners

One of the most popular requests we get is to build a fence to contain the dog(s). If you have dogs and you want the convenience of letting them out to roam freely, you need a way to contain them. The dog fencing options are electric dog fences, temporary fences & dog kennels or a permanently installed fence around your property. Dog training helps, but, even the best trained dogs can fail occasionally on recall. And it only takes one time for an accident to happen. In this article, we’ll explore some of the options available to help keep your dog contained.

electric fence

Electric Dog Fence

You may like the look of an invisible barrier rather than an actual fence but, that is where the benefits end.

For safety purposes, we don’t recommend these types of fences. One of the first things you need to think about is even though it MAY keep your dog in – it won’t keep others out. This could represent a hazard to both your dog and others.

Another big disadvantage to an electric dog fence is that you have to actually train the dog. And some dogs, no matter how severe the shock, will run right through the boundary if chasing a juicy squirrel. And, even with the best trained dog – this could be a real problem. This article explains some of the pros and cons for your dog.

Buying this type of “invisible” fence means investing in a solution that may or may not work or work. And, even if it works, it may not work all the time.

temporary dog fence

Temporary Dog Fence

There is nothing wrong with a temporary fence or a fenced dog kennel except the fact that they are usually fairly small. For medium to large size or active dogs, this doesn’t give them enough room to get any exercise whatsoever.

Temporary dog fences are convenient but only usually work with smaller breeds. A large, active dog couldn’t be safely contained in these.

fence placement

Dog Fencing Around Your Property

Fencing your property with vinyl, chain link, steel, aluminum, wood or privacy fence is a much better solution if you have dogs. All of these options will not only give your dog room to run; but, it will serve to keep others out.  This gives you peace of mind and a safer solution for your fur baby. Privacy fence is the best, since it also discourages barking at random distractions.

Dog fencing options

The dog fencing options you choose will depend on the size of your dog, whether or not he is athletic or laid back and your budget. Privacy fence is the best option, since it not only keeps your dog safe, it also discourages barking at random distractions.

As dog owners ourselves, the team at All Around Fence has been helping dog parents pick the right fence for over 20 years. We can make recommendations as to size, style and height to keep your dog contained and safe.

Read more about our Dog Fencing installation services.

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