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Protect Your Deck

How to Protect Your Deck in Winter

Your deck is susceptible to winter damage, just like your fence. With some simple precautions, you can drastically reduce the amount of wear your deck goes through. Check out these tips to protect your deck this winter.

Store Plants and Patio Furniture for the Winter Months

Once you’re finished with your patio furniture for the season, put it in your shed or garage for storage. Bring planters inside for the winter, and clear off any unnecessary features on the patio. These items can trap moisture below them, making it difficult for your decking to breathe. Having a clear deck will give it the best chance at keeping dry in winter.

Storing your patio furniture can also protect it from winter damage. If you don’t have space to store the actual furniture, at least put the cushions up for winter. The cushions act like giant sponges, and they’re the hardest deck features to keep dry.

Stain and Seal Your Deck before Winter Hits

Deck sealing is just as important as fence staining. It creates a shield across your decking to preserve the wood and prolong its lifespan. Plan to stain your fence and your deck every 3-5 years, depending on sun exposure and age. All Around Fence would be happy to provide a quote for both services.

Complete Deck Repairs ASAP

The winter months will make any existing deck damage much worse. The damage could also become a safety hazard in the winter when a fresh blanket of snow covers the deck. If there are loose or rotten boards, someone could easily step on one and hurt themselves. Complete your deck repairs before the winter comes so you can avoid big problems later on.

Consider Adding a Cover over the Deck

A deck or patio cover could help throughout the year, not just in the winter months. You can shield the decking from UV rays and give guests a cool place to sit in the summer. In the colder months, the cover acts as a barrier against rain and snow, keeping moisture exposure to a minimum. Deck covers aren’t always in the budget, but they can pay for themselves over time.

Remove Snow on the Deck, Even If You’re Not Using It

Your deck needs winter maintenance, even if you’re not actively using it. After a snowstorm, sweep or blow the snow off the decking. This works best for light snow that isn’t compact yet. For heavier snow piles, you can shovel just like you would your driveway. Spray the snow shovel with some cooking oil to make the process go faster.

Use These Tricks to Protect Your Fence as Well!

The principles above can apply to your fencing, much like they do your deck. Remove objects leaning against the fence so they don’t trap moisture on the posts. Stain and seal your deck, if needed, and complete fence repairs as soon as possible. Rake snowdrifts and leaf piles away from the fence line, and check periodically for damage.

All Around Fence is here to protect your fencing and decking throughout the year. Give us a call at (443) 838-9374 to schedule your free consultation.

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