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Maintain A Wood Fence

How to Maintain a Wood Fence

You can double the life of a wood fence with proper maintenance. Wood isn’t as easy to maintain as vinyl fencing, but it doesn’t take a ton of work either. It’s all about repetition, consistency and prevention. Check out these wood fence maintenance tips from All Around Fence.

Inspect Your Fence Frequently

It’s always a good idea to walk the perimeter of your fence every few weeks and check for damages. If you notice loose boards, missing pickets, rust, rot, or any other issues, you can take care of them right away. Most fence damage is easily managed in the early stages. If it cannot be easily resolved, you at least have advanced notice about a future expense.

Stain or Seal Your Fence Every 3-5 Years

The best way to maintain a wood fence is to stain or seal it every 3-5 years. This nourishes the wood and creates a protective shield against sun damage, moisture, pests, and more. If your fence is starting to look gray, you can stain it to bring out the beauty of the wood again. Staining also gives you an opportunity to change the color of your fencing and refresh your curb appeal as a whole.

Keep Leaves and Debris away from the Fence Line

Leaves around your fence are more than just a visual nuisance. They’re an invitation for unwanted pests to nest and eat away at your fencing. Stagnant debris can also trap moisture along the fence, which leads to wood rot and other issues. Make a point to periodically clean around your fence line in order to maximize the lifespan of your fencing.

Complete Fence Repairs When You Notice Them

If you see something wrong with your fencing, address it as quickly as possible. Leaning fences and broken boards won’t fix themselves. In fact, the damage will only get worse if left unattended. By making proactive repairs on your wood fence, you can avoid more costly repairs in the future.

Clean Your Fence at Least Once a Year

It’s a good idea to power wash your fencing once a year. This will clear off any mildew that may be forming, and it can minimize the risk of graying. You can also use a special deck or fence cleaner to nourish your wood while you clean it. Consider this part of your early spring chores in preparation for the growing season.

Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Wood Fence

No matter how well you maintain your wood fence, it’s eventually going to need replacing. A well-maintained fence can last for 20 years or more, but there are multiple factors that affect that timeframe. Sun exposure, precipitation, wind pressure, pets, and tons of other elements determine how long your wood fence will actually last.

If you notice any of these issues on your wood fence, it’s probably time to replace it:

  • The fence is severely warped or leaning
  • Wood boards are falling off all around the yard
  • You find yourself having to make fence repairs all the time, not just once a year
  • Your fence moves a lot during a storm
  • Your fence pickets look like they’re barely holding on
  • The structural integrity of your fence has become a safety hazard for your property

All Around Fence provides wood fence repair and fence replacement services in the Baltimore Metro area. Contact All Around Fence at (443) 838-9374 to schedule a professional fence inspection. You’ll get fair, honest advice on the best way to maintain your wood fence.


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