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Leaning Fence

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Leaning Fence?

Leaning fences are some of the most common fence repairs we encounter. There are many reasons why a fence may lean, from shifting soil to heavy wind and beyond. How much does it cost to fix a leaning fence? Is it cheaper to repair or replace a leaning fence? We will answer these questions and more in this quick guide from All Around Fence.

What Is Causing the Fence to Lean?

Before we can determine how much fence repair will cost, we need to find out why the fence is leaning in the first place. Did a heavy storm blow the fence over? Is the fence old and in need of replacement? Were the fence posts improperly secured during installation? Once we know the cause, we can establish an appropriate solution for it.

What Type of Fence Repair Do You Need?

Finding the cause is just one factor that influences the cost. The type of repair also makes a big difference. Some leaning fences only need a few screws to get the pickets back in place. Other fences need completely new panels, posts, hardware, etc. The materials and labor needed for your fence repair will determine how much it costs overall.

What Is the Fence Made of?

The more expensive a fence material is, the more expensive it is to repair. If a cedar fence and a pine fence both experience the same damage, the cedar fence is going to cost more to fix. This is simply because the base materials are more expensive. We will take this into consideration during your fence repair quote to ensure that the repairs look seamless.

Is It Time to Get a New Fence?

Depending on how bad the lean is, it may be time for a new fence altogether. We see this a lot with warped fences, where they lean in both directions like a wave. The amount of time, effort and material needed to repair a fence like this may outweigh the cost of a whole new fence. We can provide a quote for both options so you can decide which path is right for you.

The Average Cost for Leaning Fence Repair

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost for fence repair is…

  • $460 for PVC/vinyl fences
  • $560 for wood fences
  • $470 for aluminum fences
  • $570 for chain link fences

These numbers cover fence repairs as a whole, not leaning fence repairs specifically. They also do not take into account how susceptible each type of fence is to damage. Chain link fences tend to be cheaper to install and repair than other fence materials, but they are not as durable as other fencing. That’s why their average repair cost might be higher, because there are more fences in need of repair.

The best way to find out how much it costs to repair a leaning fence is to get a quote for fence repair. Contact All Around Fence at (443) 838-9374 to schedule a quote for fence repair in the Baltimore metro.

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