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Wrought-iron Fences

Maintenance Tips for Metal and Wrought-Iron Fences

Wrought-iron fences are beautiful, timeless, and incredibly durable, but that doesn’t mean they’re maintenance-free. If you want to keep your iron fence looking great for years to come, there are some simple steps you need to take throughout the year. Read on to learn about wrought-iron fence maintenance, courtesy of the fence experts here at All Around Fence.

Wash with Soapy Water Twice a Year

Wrought-iron fencing doesn’t require special cleaning chemicals or custom tools to clean. Simply wash off your fencing every six months with soapy water, rinse it off and let it air dry. You can use a soft bristled brush or a rag for the bulk of the cleaning. You might need to scrub some areas a little harder than others, especially along the bottom of the fence line. Nevertheless, this is a simple weekend project that you can incorporate into your overall landscape maintenance.

Wax Wrought Iron Fencing to Prevent Rust

Wax can prevent rusting on wrought-iron fences, and it is easy to apply. Use a metal-grade wax, and follow the instructions on the product for application techniques. If you don’t want to wax your entire fence, focus on the areas that come in contact with sprinklers or water dripping from wet branches. If you notice part of your fence rusting, you can clean it off and apply wax to prevent further rust development.

Control Where Your Sprinklers Spray

If you have sprinklers near your fence, minimize the amount of spray that hits the fencing. You may still have some spray in that area so you can hit the grass nearby, but try to control unnecessary moisture. If you are using an above ground sprinkler attached to your garden hose, position it so that it reaches the edges of the yard without touching the fencing.

Clear Snow and Leaf Piles from the Base of the Fence

During the fall and winter months, it is important to keep snow and leaf piles away from your fencing. This is true if you have a wood fence or wrought-iron fence. Leaf piles trap moisture and welcome unwanted pests into your yard. Snow piles can rot the wood or rust your wrought-iron fencing. Keep an eye on these elements as the weather changes throughout the year.

Complete Fence Repairs in a Timely Manner

If you notice any issues with your fencing, make repairs as quickly as possible. With any fence material, damages are only going to get worse with time. If you’re able to mitigate the problems early on, you can save yourself money and protect your property at the same time.

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