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Wire Mesh Fences

Maintenance Tips for Wire Mesh Fences

Wire mesh fences are popular for farms because they keep livestock in without blocking visibility for the landowners. These fences are durable and more affordable than many other fencing options, and the best part is, they’re easy to maintain! Here are some maintenance tips for wire mesh fences to keep your fencing strong and secure.

Clear Plants That Grow around the Fencing

Seemingly innocent plants can quickly wreak havoc on your fencing. Wire mesh and chain link fences are particularly vulnerable to invasive plants because the fence mesh is relatively flexible. Bushes, weeds, vines and young trees can wrap their way around the wires until they’re almost impossible to remove. Cut back these plants at the early stages so you don’t have a ton of work later on.

If you have a row of bushes along the fence, trim the backs to leave at least 4 inches of space between the plants and the mesh. This gives the plants a little room to grow without intertwining with the fencing, and it can keep pests away from the wooden elements of the fence.

Stain and Seal Wooden Components of the Fence

If you have a wood frame around your wire mesh fence, you’ll want to stain and seal that every few years. The staining process revitalizes the look of the wood and covers any greying that may have occurred with time. The sealant protects the wood from UV rays, pests and precipitation to extend the life of your fencing. We recommend staining every 3-5 years, but if your fence is heavily exposed to sun rays, you may need more frequent applications.

Make Sure the Mesh Is Secure to the Posts and Rails

Depending on how much pressure your mesh is under, it may become loose from the rails. This is especially true if you have livestock in the fencing that likes to push up against the mesh. Periodically check the mesh to ensure it’s still attached to the rails. This is an easy fix that will keep your property secure.

Trim back Overhanging Trees

If you have trees in the area with overhanging limbs, trim them back before the winter months. The ice that builds up on the branches creates a ton of weight, which may break the branch and damage your fencing. If you’re proactive about your tree care, you can avoid costly repairs later on.

This tip applies to all types of fencing, not just wire mesh designs. Monitor the trees on your property so you can practice preventative fence care.

Replace or Repair Damaged Posts, as Needed

If the wood posts in the ground become rotted, warped or unstable, it’s time to replace them. In the case of leaning posts, you may be able to reset them without actually replacing the post itself.

The posts act as the foundation for your fencing. If they’re not stable, the entire fence could be at risk. Catching this issue at the first sign is the best way to protect your wire mesh fence.

We Offer Wire Mesh Fence Installation!

If you’re in need of a wire mesh fence installation, All Around Fence is here to help. We service many communities in the Baltimore Metro, including Baltimore County, Howard County, and Anne Arundel County. Contact us at (443) 838-9374 to schedule your fence consultation.

All Around Fence serves the Maryland region with top quality fence installation and fencing products.

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