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Home During Fence Installation

Should I Be Home during Fence Installation?

Do I have to be home during fence installation? How involved will I be in the process? These are some of the questions we hear shortly before fence installation. Here are some quick-reference answers from All Around Fence, a trusted Maryland fence company.

It’s Best to Be Accessible during Fence Installation

We ask all of our clients to be present during the fence installation process. Before installation begins, you will meet with the foreman to confirm the design and address any questions/concerns you may have. We ask that you remain accessible after that in case an issue arises. There’s no way to fully predict what will happen during a fence installation. Something always comes up that requires the homeowner’s attention. We want you to be available so you can make the best decision and ensure your satisfaction with our work.

We Can Schedule Your Installation at a Time That Works for You

The good news is that we can arrange your fence installation at a time that fits your schedule. We understand that you have a busy life and time is valuable. We’ll find a day that suits your needs so you can be present for the project. If a scheduling issue occurs, such as unexpected weather events, we will contact you as soon as possible to find a new plan.

What to Expect during Fence Installation

Even though we ask you to be available during fence installation, you don’t have to be involved much in the process. You will talk to the project manager before the installation begins, and he will give you an overview of the process. From there, you may hear some noise outside from our equipment, but you can remain in the comfort of your home. If anything comes up that requires your approval, the project manager will knock on your door and explain the circumstances.

The scope of the installation will depend on the type of fencing you get. If there is an existing fence that needs to be torn down, that will also factor into the process. After demolition and installation, we will clean up the property and let you inspect your new fencing. We can also schedule a date in the future for staining to protect your wood fence. We maintain steady communication from start-to-finish, ensuring that you know exactly what’s happening on your property.

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Ready to get started? Contact All Around Fence at (443) 838-9374 to schedule your in-person consultation. We will tour the property to get a full scope of the project, and then we will provide an itemized quote for you to review. Once you approve of the proposal, we can arrange a time for your fence installation. We look forward to working with you!

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