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Protect Your Fencing

How to Protect Your Fencing in the Fall

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, but it comes with a few drawbacks. The leaves piling in your yard could damage your fencing if left unattended. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much work to protect your fencing in the fall. Follow these tips from All Around Fence.

Keep Leaf Piles away from the Fence Line

The easiest way to protect your fencing is to keep debris to a minimum. Unattended leaf piles can quickly become a breeding ground for pests, and the moisture in the leaves can damage the bottom of the fence. If you cannot clear the piles completely, make sure to rake them away from the fence line. You should also consider doing this with snow in the winter to reduce water damage.

Trim Back Tree Branches That Hang over Your Fencing

Fallen tree branches can take out an entire section of your fence. You may want to trim back the branches that hang over your fence line, especially if they are dead or starting to fall. All it takes is one winter frost to weigh a branch down, and you’ve got a big mess to clean up. Take proactive steps before that occurs to keep your fence safe.

Stain Your Fence before Winter

Staining protects your fence from moisture, UV rays, and other environmental elements. It is best to stain a fence in dry conditions to avoid trapping moisture in the boards. If your fence is due for staining, you may want to tackle that project before the winter months. All Around Fence would be happy to provide you with an estimate.

Keep Rakes and Lawn Equipment off the Fencing

Your fence seems like a convenient place to lean lawn equipment, but that isn’t the best decision. For instance, if you rake a leaf pile to the fence line and then lean the rake up to contain the leaves, you’re forcing all the moisture to stay right by the fence line. Use your shed, garage or other storage options for lawn equipment and keep your fence clear of tools.

Complete Fence Repairs as Soon as You Notice Damage

You don’t want to leave fence damage unattended. It’s only going to get worse with time. Address these issues in the fall months before conditions become hazardous in the winter. This will also fortify your fence to withstand winter storms when the time comes.

All Around Fence provides comprehensive fence services, including fence repair, fence staining, new fence installation, and much more. We would be happy to get your property ready for the winter. Contact us at (443) 838-9374 to learn more or schedule an in-person consultation.

All Around Fence serves the Maryland region with top quality fence installation and fencing products.

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