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Pool Fencing In Winter

Pool Fencing in Winter – Why It’s Necessary

If I’m not using my pool, do I need a fence around it? Is a pool cover sufficient enough to protect my pool, pets and children? No – not at all. You definitely still need a pool barrier in winter, even when your pool is closed for the season. Read on to learn why winter pool fencing is necessary.

Do I Need Pool Fencing around an Empty Pool?

An empty pool is still a safety hazard, especially in the winter. A person or animal could easily slip and fall into the empty swimming pool, leading to severe injury. A quality pool cover should prevent this from happening, but that’s only one line of defense. With the addition of a pool barrier, you can rest assured that no one is going to accidentally fall into your pool.

How Pool Fencing Protects a Filled Pool in Winter

Most homeowners do not drain their pool every year. If your swimming pool is full of water in winter, a pool barrier will prevent animals or children from tampering with the pool cover. It can also reduce the amount of debris in the area, depending on the trees on your property. No matter what type of pool you have, a pool fence in winter is a necessary component of pool safety.

Other Pool Safety Tips for Winter

In addition to having a pool barrier in winter, there are several steps you can take to protect your family and preserve your swimming pool. Check out these winter pool safety tips:

  • Get a heavy-duty winter pool cover. This is not designed to be taken off and on like a summer pool cover. A winter cover has tight latches around the edges that seal the pool from all sides. The cover is sturdy enough for people and animals to walk on, and it prevents debris from entering the pool. It’s a hefty investment, but well worth the peace of mind.
  • Put away ladders for above-ground pools. You don’t necessarily have to disassemble the pool in winter, but you need to make it as difficult to access as possible. A quality pool cover will also help in this situation.
  • Monitor snowfall on the pool cover. If you have a strong cover, it can stand up to the weight of heavy snow. Nevertheless, it is best to sweep off some of the snow after a storm, just to reduce the strain on the cover. Use a rake, broom or other tool with a long handle so you do not have to directly stand on the pool cover.
  • Check the structural integrity of your pool barrier. Do a perimeter check periodically to make sure there are no entry points or structural concerns. It’s a good idea to do this around your yard fencing as well so you can make proactive fence repairs.
  • Lock all gates leading to the pool area. If you normally have a carabiner on your pool gate, swap it for an actual lock while the pool is not in use. That extra protection may make all the difference when it comes to your family’s safety.

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