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Pool Fence

Pool Fence during the Off Season

Most people think about making pool improvements during the summer because that is when they are actively using their pools. Just because your pool isn’t in use doesn’t mean it should be left unprotected. In fact, late fall through early spring is one of the most important times to have a pool fence. Let’s take a closer look at why you need a pool fence during the off season.

Keep Children out of the Pool

Perhaps the most important reason to have a pool fence during the off season is to keep children away from the pool. If you still have water in the pool, there is a high risk of drowning when the pool is left unattended. If there is no water in the pool, children could still fall in and hurt themselves greatly. Moreover, they could try to skate or play in the pool and damage the lining when it is dry.

This doesn’t just apply to your own children either. If a child from the neighborhood goes into your backyard and gets hurt in your pool, you would be considered a negligent homeowner. This could have dangerous repercussions. Even if you have a locked privacy fence that a child jumps over, you could get in trouble for not having a pool fence. It is better to have the extra protection than to leave yourself liable for someone else’s injury.

Keep Pets out of the Pool

You may think that a pool cover is enough to deter pets, but they will see that as a large platform to jump and play on. If the pool cover loses its grip, your pet could fall into the pool or get trapped under the cover. A pool fence is a surefire deterrent that your dog cannot penetrate. If you have a dog that can jump high, make sure your pool fence is tall enough to prevent that.

In Some Areas, Pool Fences Are Legally Mandatory

Some states, cities or counties have laws about pool security. You will need to check your local laws to determine if a pool fence is required for homeowners. If so, alert the pool company so they can verify the guidelines your pool fence will need to follow. They will base their quote off the legally permissible designs.

You Could Save Money on Homeowner’s Insurance

Some homeowner’s insurance companies will offer a discount on insurance premiums after you install a pool fence. You might even be required to have a fence for your insurance to cover your pool. Explore the terms of your homeowner’s insurance policy to find out how important it is to have a pool fence throughout the year.

A Pool Fence Provides Extra Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, a pool fence is an amazing security feature. You can have full peace of mind knowing that your pool is locked and secured when not in use. All Around Fence, LLC offers affordable pool fence installations in the Baltimore metro area, and we have over 20 years of experience you can trust. To learn more about fence installation, give us a call at (443) 838-9374.

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