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Fence Decoration

Fence Decoration Tips for the Christmas Season

Your fence is the perfect canvas for holiday decorations. Whether you have a privacy fence for your backyard or a simple picket fence in the front of your property, you can jazz it up with some holiday decorations. Check out these fence decoration tips for Christmas to inspire your design process.

Hang Garland and Wreaths for Fence Decoration

Garland and wreaths look great on most fence styles. They can also be used on front porch railings and other areas of your yard. You can wrap the garland with lights so it shines at night, and during the day, the greenery will still look great against the pickets. Use the taller fence posts of a picket fence as anchor points for the garland, and let it hang down in the shape of a smile. Put wreaths at each point where two curves intersect, and you’ll be good to go!

Create Patterns with Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are flexible enough to hang in any pattern, making them perfect for fence decoration. If you want to create shapes on the side of your privacy fence, you can do that with lights. Be careful about the number of nails you use to secure the lights because you do not want to hard the structural integrity of your fencing. You could use removable hooks, as long as the adhesive is sticky enough for fencing. If not, use clamps or other tools to hang the lights without damaging your fence.

Hang Large Outdoor Ornaments from Your Fence

Another fun fence decoration idea for Christmas is to hang large ornaments on your fence. You can buy plastic balls that look like the small ones you may use on an indoor tree, but these are much larger and designed to withstand the elements. Use fishing wire to hang the balls at different heights. The wire is clear and difficult to detect, so it will look like the balls are floating along the fencing. If you live in an area with frequent with exposure though, this may not be the best choice for you.

Make Your Chain Link Fence Colorful

If you have a chain link fence, there are tons of fence decoration ideas to explore. You could use red and green plastic cups to spell words on the fence line, or you could hang outdoor ornaments all over the fence. You could also wrap lights in patterns to form snowflakes or create the silhouette of a Christmas tree. You could even invest in privacy slats for chain link fences in holiday colors, like candy cane red and white. The possibilities are endless, and you can change up the designs every year.

Secure Lighted Yard Décor to the Fence

If you have flat décor that you normally use in your yard, you could attach it to the fencing instead. This would allow you to create different levels of height with your decorations so the angles or reindeer could actually look like they were flying. If you have a sign that says “Merry Christmas” or another phrase you want to show off, you can mount that to the fence so it is eye level. People driving by will take notice of the sign, and then they will be more inclined to look at the rest of your yard.

Have fun decorating your fencing for the holidays, and enjoy this wonderful time of year with your family, from all of us at All Around Fence, LLC.

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