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Styles Of Wood Fencing

Different Styles of Wood Fencing for Your Yard

There are many different styles of wood fencing and different materials used in fencing, from chain link, to wrought iron, to PVC vinyl, but nothing provides the natural beauty inherent to wood fencing.  If you’re like most homeowners, you want your yard to be an inviting sanctuary, and wood offers the warm, natural appeal you crave.  Depending on the style you choose, it can also add privacy and keep children and pets safe.

When choosing the right style of wood fence for your yard, you’ll have to consider the purpose you want it to fulfill, as well as the look you prefer.  Here are just a few different styles of wood fencing and how they compare.

Board on Board

This type of fence features horizontal wooden rails at the top and bottom that vertical slats are attached to in an overlapping pattern on either side.  For example, a board placed on one side of the center rails is offset by another board on the other side that covers the adjacent open space, with this pattern repeated.

This style creates an unbroken fence line when you look at it head-on, but if you were to peer at it from an angle, you might be able to see through to the other side via the open space in the center.  It can provide privacy without completely cutting off angled light entering your yard.


Picket fences offer a beautiful, traditional appearance, if not as much security or privacy as other types of fencing.  They consist of two horizontal rails with vertical slats evenly spaced out along the outside of the rails, with open spaces in between slats.  The slats are often rounded or pointed at the top, although they can also be squared or feature a more complex design.  Picket fences are well suited to front yards, where privacy and security aren’t concerns, and they add a lot of curb appeal.

Split Rail

This open fencing consists of two or more horizontal rails spanning the space between fence posts, and is commonly used in agricultural settings to create boundaries for large animals (cattle, sheep, etc.).  It is also a wonderful decorative addition to homes seeking rustic appeal.


If privacy is your goal, this fencing consisting of vertical slats placed side by side along horizontal rails, with no openings, is probably your best bet.  It typically comes in heights up to six feet and is a great choice for backyards where you need privacy and security for your family and pets.

If you’re interested in adding the beauty and function of wood fencing around your home for privacy, security, and/or increased curb appeal, contact the experts at All Around Fence today at 443-838-9374 or online to learn more and request an estimate.

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