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Fence Installation Layout

Determining Fence Installation Layout

There are several steps in the planning process for determining fence installation layout. You need to select the materials and design for your fencing, as well as the placement of the fence itself. Should the fence run along the property line? Where should the gate go on the side of the house? These are answers we look for during the planning stage so we can properly prepare for your fence installation.

Here are some tips for determining the layout of a fence.

Establish the Property Line for your fence installation layout

Your fence cannot extend beyond your property line. If you already have fencing in place, there may be a clear mark between your yard and the next. If not though, we will need to determine where the property line actually sits before planning the layout. This will help you avoid disputes with the neighbors later on, and it will ensure that your yard is adequately framed.

Choosing Where You Want Your Fence to Go

You don’t have to have a fence on your property line. For instance, if your house sits on ten acres, you may only want a fence for the area near your home. It depends on what the purpose of the fence is. Do you want an enclosure for dogs and children, or do you want to define where your property lies? If the goal is to create a boarder around the property itself, you will need to go to the property line.

Note that you can use two different fencing styles if you have a lot of land to cover. Most property fences are simple structures that establish a border without providing much privacy. You could use a fence like that around the border of your land and then use a more traditional privacy fence near your home. If you have a pool but do not want a fence around your yard, you can set up a fence around your pool to prevent unwanted guests from getting in. There are plenty of options, and we can go over all of them during your fence installation quote.

Where Does a Backyard Privacy Fence Start?

Your privacy fence will have a small section that touches the side of your house. This is usually where the gate goes. The fencing can start anywhere along the side of the house, but some positions may work better than others. Some considerations to keep in mind include:

  • Leaving a space for the trashcan on the side of the home
  • Putting the fence behind an air conditioning unit so repair workers have easy access to it
  • Starting the fence as close to the front of the house as possible to provide a long dog run
  • Pushing the fence forward or backward enough to park a trailer in or out of the fence
  • Balancing the fence placement on both sides of the house
  • Lining your fence up with the neighbor’s fence
  • Making room in the backyard for a shed or other feature near the fence line

Tell us what your overall plans are for the home, and we can help you make the best decision for your fence installation layout. If you plan right from the start, you will be much happier with the end results. Contact All Around Fence, LLC to get started.

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