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Noise Reduction

Choosing a Fence for Noise Reduction

Most homeowners select a fence because it looks nice or offers the privacy they need. There is another key service that fencing provides, and it doesn’t get talked about enough. The right fence offers valuable noise reduction, which can create a more pleasant atmosphere in your backyard.

If you live on a busy street or near a noisy area, a noise reducing fence could be an excellent addition to your property. Here are some tips to guide your selection.

Best Fence Materials for Noise Reduction

Any solid fence material is going to work well for noise reduction. This includes vinyl, composite fencing, wood fence posts and more. You could also opt for something like a concrete or cinderblock fence, but that is not ideal for most residential settings.

A chain link fence won’t help much with noise control, but you can modify your existing fence to reduce noise. Add chain link slats within the fabric of the fence to create a more solid barrier than blocks out noise.

Best Fence Height for Noise Reduction

The height of your fence will impact how much noise comes in. A 4′ fence may not do much for noise control because it sits below most adults’ standing height. The noise travels right over the fence and into your ears.

We recommend at least a 6′ fence for noise reduction, but you could choose an even taller fence height. Some properties have 8′ or even 10′ fences. Be aware of building codes and HOA regulations that may impact how tall you can build your fence. We can go over all of your options during your consultation.

Best Fence Picket Layout for Noise Reduction

The gaps between your fence pickets should be as small as possible. This creates the effect of a solid wall, blocking out the bulk of the noise. You could use a board and batten layout, in which the fence pickets overlap each other. They alternate: one in front, one in back, one in front, etc. This creates even less room for noise to travel and could yield a unique appearance for your property.

Perimeter, chain link and metal fences usually do not help with noise reduction. The holes between the fence materials allow plenty of noise to flow through, which may not fit your goal. These fences are mostly designed to define part of the property, not to reduce noise.

Other Ways to Reduce Noise in Your Backyard

In addition to getting a fence for noise reduction, you could create an outdoor room for entertainment. This may be a covered porch or patio with mesh screens along the side. The materials you use should be outdoor friendly, but you can create a form of insulation that makes the space more enjoyable.

Landscaping can also reduce noise on the property as long as it is strategically placed. For instance, that big tree in your yard may double as a shade source and structure that cuts through noise.

Think about the source of the noise when designing a solution for it. If you have airplanes flying over your property, a well-designed canopy could cut back the noise. If the noise mostly comes from the back line of your property, consider a taller fence to shield your yard.

The talented team at All Around Fence is here to guide you through the process. Contact us at (443) 838-9374 to get a quote for a noise control fence.

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