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Chain Link Fence

READ THIS before Getting a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is extremely affordable. That is what makes it so popular in residential and commercial settings. If you’re thinking about getting a chain link fence for your home, you need to know the facts. There are some factors that may make other fencing better fit for your needs. Read on to learn some untold drawbacks of chain link fences.

Attractive Nuisance Laws for Swimming Pools

If you have a visible fence on your property, that is known as an attractive nuisance. This means that you could be liable if a child comes onto your property and gets hurt using your pool. If you have a privacy fence surrounding the pool, this shouldn’t be a concern. It is with a chain link fence.

Check your local laws to find out how you need to secure your pool fence. Sometimes a basic padlock is sufficient enough to avoid fines. In other cases, you may need a fence over a certain height to secure your pool area.

No Noise or Wind Reduction

Chain link fencing outlines a perimeter, but it doesn’t affect the noise or wind on the property. You could reduce some ground-level wind by installing slats in the chain link, but a four-foot tall fence is still going to let plenty of wind into the yard. Most privacy fences will minimize road noises and create a more pleasant backyard environment in the windy months.

Easy to Climb or Hop

If security is a top priority, a chain link fence is not the way to go. For starters, onlookers can see directly in your yard. If you have something of value, even down to a highly sought-after breed of dog, someone may try to reach in and take it.

Chain link fences are easy to climb or hop, especially at the standard 4′ height. You could minimize these risks by getting a taller fence, but that’s going to add to your costs. If you compare the pricing of tall chain link and privacy fencing, you may find privacy fences to be worth the minimal added expense.

No Privacy (Obvious but Worth Noting)

It’s fairly obvious that chain link fencing offers little to no privacy, but it’s still worth pointing out. This will impact how you use your backyard. If you have a pool, your neighbors can see you using it. If you have dogs, they’re going to see into surrounding yards. If you have kids, the neighbors will see them in the yard. It will impact more of your life than you may realize.

Difficult to Weed Eat around

Weed eating around a chain link fence is entirely possible, but it takes a little practice to get right. The bottom of the fence tends to butcher the weed eater string if you get too close, but you have to get close to get a clean cut. You may not have this issue with other fencing materials.

Problems with Plant Growth

If you have plants along the fencing, they’re going to grow into the fence mesh. This may look pretty for a little while, but it will be a nightmare when it comes time to remove the fence or the plant. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to cut out a tree because fence and the plant fused together. This adds to the removal time and creates a headache for all involved.

Is a Chain Link Fence the Right Fit for You?

Chain link fencing works well for many applications, so don’t rule it out completely. We recommend getting a quote for privacy fencing and chain link fencing so you can decide which route is best for you. Weigh the pros and cons, and consider your long-term needs. All Around Fence will be there every step of the way. Contact us at (443) 838-9374 to get started.

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