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Commercial Fencing

Beyond Chain Link: the Many Faces of Commercial Fencing

The words “commercial fencing” may bring to mind long stretches of chain link fencing surrounding a warehouse or factory, perhaps complete with a touch of barbed wire on the top. But not only does commercial fencing come in as many materials as residential fencing, its function also extends far beyond warehouse security. Here are six uses and looks for commercial fencing that have nothing to do with chain link.

Ornamental fencing

Businesses have aesthetic needs, too! Just like residential fencing adds to the charm and character of a home, commercial ornamental fencing elevates the look and feel of a business, while providing basic property delineation. Ornamental fences can be constructed of any fencing material, including wood, vinyl, or metal. They can come in a variety of shapes to suit your business’ brand and needs. And they can vary in size from petite property markers to tall privacy fences that double as a security feature.

Play area containment

Daycares and schools often need fencing installed to enclose a play area for young children. Other businesses may have different space delineation needs, such as designating outdoor areas for smoking, eating, or recreation. Commercial fencing in the service of children, such as play area containment fencing, comes with its own set of challenges. The fencing needs to be carefully designed and installed to avoid both escape and injury risks to children.

Gated community fencing

Gated community fencing does bear a resemblance to the stereotypical commercial chain link security fence. After all, both kinds of fencing are designed to allow access to only a certain subset of the population. But unlike utilitarian warehouse fencing, gated community fencing also serves an aesthetic and lifestyle purpose. Choices of material and style for gated community fencing need to serve the purposes of security while contributing to a restful lifestyle for those who live within it.

Sport fencing

Sport fencing can include various types of fencing found around a ball field, as well as specialized fencing like tennis court enclosures. The types of fencing used for sport fencing will vary by the uses. Some ball field fencing needs to be high, but not particularly secure, since it exists for the purpose of keeping balls in, not people out. Other fences are for delineation, like dugout fences. While tennis court fences often fall back on the old chain link standard, they don’t need to. There are a variety of material available for durable, attractive tennis court fences that serve the purpose of keeping most balls inside the court.

Livestock/farm fencing

While some people farm as a hobby, the majority of livestock operations are commercial, making livestock/farm fencing a subset of commercial fencing. There are a wide variety of fencing materials and styles that can be used in farm fencing. Split rail fencing, whether wood or vinyl, is an old stand-by that is still often used for property delineation. Wire fencing is often used to contain livestock, sometimes in combination with split rail fencing for a more aesthetically pleasing look. Security fencing, gating, and extra high barriers may all be needed on a farm, depending on the particular operation and livestock needs.

Bonus: whatever you need

At All Around Fence and Decks, we design and install of the above types of fencing, as well as many other types of commercial and residential fencing. Whatever your business needs, we have a fence for you, including chain link fencing. Contact us today for a free, quick estimate on whatever kind of fence you need!

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