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7 Signs It’s Time to Get A New Fence

Whether you just bought a new house or you’ve lived in your home for forever, there will come a time when you need a new fence. Even though modern fencing material is built to last, it cannot last forever. Some issues can be repaired without a complete fence replacement, and others require a total teardown. Let’s look at seven signs it’s time to get a new fence.

Noticeable Holes in the Wood

If you have wood fencing, the wood posts should be solid from top to bottom. If there are noticeable holes in several of the posts, they may be from insects or termites. Insect damage weakens your fencing and may cause your entire fence to crumble in the future. If this is an isolated incident, you may be able to replace the boards that have been affected. In most cases though, you’re going to need a new fence to get rid of the insect damage.

Leaning Fencing means time for a new fence

Does your fence lean outward or inward? That may seem like an easy problem to fix, but that’s not always the case. You may be able to simply straighten the supports to get the fencing to sit upright. However, there may be a bigger underlying issue to take care of. The leaning may be caused by weakened fence posts, which will warp or crumble later on. Rather than putting a bandage on the problem, you’re going to be better of getting a new fence you know you can count on.

Tree Growth Near the Fence Line

Trees along the fence line can be a nightmare to deal with. The roots, trunks and branches of the trees can damage all types of fencing, from chain link to wood fences to vinyl fences and more. You can prevent some damage by trimming your tree back and keeping an eye out for falling limbs. If you have a tree on your property that has damaged your fencing, you will need to have that area of the fence replaced, and you will need to take care of the tree itself. Depending on where your property line sets, you may be able to move the fence away from the tree and still keep the tree where it is.

Missing or Loose Fence Posts

Do you have fence posts that you can easily move from side to side? This isn’t a good sign. Sometimes you can get away with just re-securing the fence posts to the supports, but most of time the wood is too weak to stay in place. When that happens, a new fence is in order.

Major Damage (From an Accident)

If you have a tree fall on your fencing or a vehicle run through the side of the fence, you’re going to need a new fence. This damage may be covered by your insurance, so you won’t be out any personal money beyond the deductible.

Mismatched Fencing

Does your fence look like it was installed by three different people? That’s probably because it was. All too often we see mismatched fencing that was added on at different times. You may be able to stain or paint the fencing to all look the same, depending on what material it is made out of. Otherwise, you’ll be batter off getting a new fence that looks cohesive.

Insufficient Protection

If your current fence doesn’t suit your needs, get a new fence. For instance, you may have a dog that can jump over a four foot chain link fence. A six foot wood or vinyl fence would provide more privacy for your yard and keep your pet secure.

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